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BG44878A3 BG7425386A BG7425386A BG44878A3 BG 44878 A3 BG44878 A3 BG 44878A3 BG 7425386 A BG7425386 A BG 7425386A BG 7425386 A BG7425386 A BG 7425386A BG 44878 A3 BG44878 A3 BG 44878A3
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Ferenc Bayer
Jozsef Beck
Ivan Decsi
Jozsef Gyoeri
Tibor Hars
Janos Turi
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Mezoegazdasagi Kombinat,Hu
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BG7425386A 1985-06-20 1986-03-25 BG44878A3 (en)

Priority Applications (1)

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HU243185A HU197436B (en) 1985-06-20 1985-06-20 Apparatus for previous preparing and drying hybrid maize

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BG44878A3 true BG44878A3 (en) 1989-02-15



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BG7425386A BG44878A3 (en) 1985-06-20 1986-03-25

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AT (1) ATA72686A (en)
BG (1) BG44878A3 (en)
HU (1) HU197436B (en)
SU (1) SU1514249A3 (en)
YU (1) YU44578B (en)

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CN105249506A (en) * 2015-09-11 2016-01-20 安徽丰原马鞍山生物化学有限公司 Guniting corn bran preparation method and production system

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YU44578B (en) 1990-10-31
HU197436B (en) 1989-03-28
YU107086A (en) 1988-12-31
SU1514249A3 (en) 1989-10-07
ATA72686A (en) 1994-07-15
HUT41111A (en) 1987-03-30

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