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BG44566A1 BG6301683A BG6301683A BG44566A1 BG 44566 A1 BG44566 A1 BG 44566A1 BG 6301683 A BG6301683 A BG 6301683A BG 6301683 A BG6301683 A BG 6301683A BG 44566 A1 BG44566 A1 BG 44566A1
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Jakov E Faktorovich
Pavel A Pedenko
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Cherkassk Pk T I
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Priority to SU833533995A priority Critical patent/SU1094670A1/ru
Application filed by Cherkassk Pk T I filed Critical Cherkassk Pk T I
Publication of BG44566A1 publication Critical patent/BG44566A1/xx


BG6301683A 1983-01-07 1983-11-11 BG44566A1 (xx)

Priority Applications (1)

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SU833533995A SU1094670A1 (ru) 1983-01-07 1983-01-07 Устройство дл сборки петлевых соединений

Publications (1)

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BG44566A1 true BG44566A1 (xx) 1989-01-16



Family Applications (1)

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BG6301683A BG44566A1 (xx) 1983-01-07 1983-11-11

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BG (1) BG44566A1 (xx)
CS (1) CS266355B1 (xx)
DD (1) DD244464A3 (xx)
SU (1) SU1094670A1 (xx)

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DD244464A3 (de) 1987-04-08
SU1094670A1 (ru) 1984-05-30
CS266355B1 (en) 1989-12-13

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