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BG7838321A 1977-01-06 1978-01-05 BG26338A1 (fr)

Priority Applications (1)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
SU772441226A SU674124A1 (ru) 1977-01-06 1977-01-06 Способ намотки в рулон пакета электродов с сепараторами дл химического источника тока

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BG26338A1 true BG26338A1 (fr) 1979-03-15



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BG7838321A BG26338A1 (fr) 1977-01-06 1978-01-05

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BG (1) BG26338A1 (fr)
SU (1) SU674124A1 (fr)

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CA2060214C (fr) * 1989-06-14 1998-01-20 Tristan E. Juergens Cellule electrochimique a placage ultra-mince et methode de fabrication de celle-ci
US5045086A (en) * 1989-06-14 1991-09-03 Bolder Battery, Inc. Method for manufacture of electrochemical cell

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SU674124A1 (ru) 1979-07-15

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