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Samson Jean
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    • A62C2/00Fire prevention or containment
    • A62C2/06Physical fire-barriers
    • A62C2/10Fire-proof curtains
BE181808A 1974-10-16 1977-10-17 BE859807Q (en)

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FR7434770A FR2287926B1 (en) 1974-10-16 1974-10-16

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BE859807Q true BE859807Q (en) 1978-02-15



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BE181808A BE859807Q (en) 1974-10-16 1977-10-17

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BE (1) BE859807Q (en)
FR (1) FR2287926B1 (en)

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FR2287926A1 (en) 1976-05-14
FR2287926B1 (en) 1977-10-21

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Effective date: 19871031