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Appareil et procede de contraception


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    • A61F6/00Contraceptive devices; Pessaries; Applicators therefor
    • A61F6/20Vas deferens occluders; Fallopian occluders
    • A61F6/22Vas deferens occluders; Fallopian occluders implantable in tubes
    • A61F6/225Vas deferens occluders; Fallopian occluders implantable in tubes transcervical
BE141359A 1973-02-26 1974-02-25 Appareil et procede de contraception BE811539A (fr)

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US05335816 US3805767A (en) 1973-02-26 1973-02-26 Method and apparatus for non-surgical, reversible sterilization of females

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BE811539A true BE811539A (fr) 1974-06-17



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BE141359A BE811539A (fr) 1973-02-26 1974-02-25 Appareil et procede de contraception

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