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pulse frame offset correction method in a telecommunications network has multiplexing


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    • H04J3/00Time-division multiplex systems
    • H04J3/02Details
    • H04J3/06Synchronising arrangements
    • H04J3/07Synchronising arrangements using pulse stuffing for systems with different or fluctuating information rates or bit rates
    • H04J3/073Bit stuffing, e.g. PDH
    • H04Q11/00Selecting arrangements for multiplex systems
    • H04Q11/04Selecting arrangements for multiplex systems for time-division multiplexing
BE792301D 1971-07-30 pulse frame offset correction method in a telecommunications network has multiplexing BE792301A (en)

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CH1122971A CH535515A (en) 1971-07-30 1971-07-30 A method of correcting the pulse frame shifts in a PCM time-division multiplex telecommunication network

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BE792301A true BE792301A (en) 1973-03-30



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BE792301D BE792301A (en) 1971-07-30 pulse frame offset correction method in a telecommunications network has multiplexing

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