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    • B65B3/00Packaging plastic material, semiliquids, liquids or mixed solids and liquids, in individual containers or receptacles, e.g. bags, sacks, boxes, cartons, cans, or jars
    • B65B3/003Filling medical containers such as ampoules, vials, syringes or the like
BE741479D 1969-11-10 1969-11-10 BE741479A (fr)

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BE741479 1969-11-10

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BE741479A true BE741479A (fr) 1970-04-16



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BE741479D BE741479A (fr) 1969-11-10 1969-11-10

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US (1) US3685248A (fr)
BE (1) BE741479A (fr)
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GB (1) GB1278160A (fr)

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US3685248A (en) 1972-08-22
DE2048459A1 (fr) 1971-05-19
GB1278160A (en) 1972-06-14
FR2071717A5 (fr) 1971-09-17

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