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    • H04J3/00Time-division multiplex systems
    • H04J3/02Details
    • H04J3/08Intermediate station arrangements, e.g. for branching, for tapping-off
    • H04B7/00Radio transmission systems, i.e. using radiation field
    • H04B7/14Relay systems
    • H04B7/15Active relay systems
    • H04B7/155Ground-based stations
    • H04B7/17Ground-based stations employing pulse modulation, e.g. pulse code modulation
BE473447D 1944-05-19 1947-05-23 BE473447A (en)

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US536301A US2474244A (en) 1944-05-19 1944-05-19 Amplitude modulated time modulated pulse system

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BE473447A true BE473447A (en) 1947-11-23



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BE473447D BE473447A (en) 1944-05-19 1947-05-23

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US (1) US2474244A (en)
BE (1) BE473447A (en)
GB (1) GB596051A (en)

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US2474244A (en) 1949-06-28
GB596051A (en) 1947-12-24

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