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    • H03L7/00Automatic control of frequency or phase; Synchronisation
    • H03L7/06Automatic control of frequency or phase; Synchronisation using a reference signal applied to a frequency- or phase-locked loop
    • H03L7/08Details of the phase-locked loop
BE469203D 1945-09-20 BE469203A (xx)

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NL2605425X 1945-09-20

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BE469203A true BE469203A (xx)



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BE469203D BE469203A (xx) 1945-09-20

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US (1) US2605425A (xx)
BE (1) BE469203A (xx)
FR (1) FR939509A (xx)

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US2605425A (en) 1952-07-29
FR939509A (fr) 1948-11-17

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