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Electrical conductor lead


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    • A61N1/05Electrodes for implantation or insertion into the body, e.g. heart electrode
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AU61656/80A 1979-08-23 1980-08-22 Electrical conductor lead Ceased AU536183B2 (en)

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US6904079A true 1979-08-23 1979-08-23
US069040 1987-07-01

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AU6165680A AU6165680A (en) 1981-04-16
AU536183B2 true AU536183B2 (en) 1984-04-19



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AU61656/80A Ceased AU536183B2 (en) 1979-08-23 1980-08-22 Electrical conductor lead

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DE3031752A1 (en) 1981-03-12
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CA1146228A1 (en)
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AU6165680A (en) 1981-04-16
CA1146228A (en) 1983-05-10

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