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Reduced pressure device


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The shape configuration shape and configuration pattern ornamentation pattern and ornamentation of the design of the product are new and distinctive.
AU200912140F 2008-10-10 2009-05-20 Reduced pressure device Active AU326456S (en)

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US29/326,091 USD614284S1 (en) 2008-10-10 2008-10-10 Reduced-pressure unit with a cantilevered arm

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AU200911030F Active AU326452S (en) 2008-10-10 2009-03-26 Reduced pressure device
AU200912140F Active AU326456S (en) 2008-10-10 2009-05-20 Reduced pressure device

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AU200911030F Active AU326452S (en) 2008-10-10 2009-03-26 Reduced pressure device

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