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Novel substituted chrysanthemates


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AU25691/71A 1970-02-26 1971-02-19 Novel substituted chrysanthemates Expired AU432259B1 (en)

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JP45016805A JPS4826217B1 (en) 1970-02-26 1970-02-26
JP45018115A JPS4821486B1 (en) 1970-03-02 1970-03-02
JP45114364A JPS491846B1 (en) 1970-12-17 1970-12-17
JPJP114364/7 1970-12-17

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AU432259B1 AU432259B1 (en) 1972-08-24
AU2569171A true AU2569171A (en) 1972-08-24



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AU25691/71A Expired AU432259B1 (en) 1970-02-26 1971-02-19 Novel substituted chrysanthemates

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