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Filament spinning apparatus


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AU231086B2 AU42815/58A AU4281558A AU231086B2 AU 231086 B2 AU231086 B2 AU 231086B2 AU 42815/58 A AU42815/58 A AU 42815/58A AU 4281558 A AU4281558 A AU 4281558A AU 231086 B2 AU231086 B2 AU 231086B2
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spinning apparatus
filament spinning
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AU4281558A (en
Edward Biederman and Lewis Collier Garrett Clarence
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Solutia Inc
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Chemstrand Corp
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AU42815/58A Filament spinning apparatus Expired AU231086B2 (en)

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AU4281558A AU4281558A (en) 1959-04-30
AU231086B2 true AU231086B2 (en) 1959-04-30



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