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A mobile computing device, computer readable storage medium


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AU2012904060A0 AU2012904060A AU2012904060A AU2012904060A0 AU 2012904060 A0 AU2012904060 A0 AU 2012904060A0 AU 2012904060 A AU2012904060 A AU 2012904060A AU 2012904060 A AU2012904060 A AU 2012904060A AU 2012904060 A0 AU2012904060 A0 AU 2012904060A0
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storage medium
computer readable
readable storage
mobile computing
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AU2012904060A 2012-09-18 A mobile computing device, computer readable storage medium Abandoned AU2012904060A0 (en)

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PCT/AU2013/001057 WO2014043748A1 (en) 2012-09-18 2013-09-18 A server for selecting tag data

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AU2012904060A0 true AU2012904060A0 (en) 2012-10-04



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