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Accord 1 o an embodirnCEr.1 L T methIOd incl1 udes 10eceV.ingP a plurality of bets in which each beI de [Nes a Wespecti Ve anoUIntedI watered, a respect ve area, and a rest ive weaher reWNed venIt D m that represents the plurality of bets is displayed. An outcome of a weatI her- created even!, is determined and at Ieasv one vinner is determined based on the bets and the outcome,.


AUS TRALIA Regulation 3.2 Patents Act 1990 Complete Specification Standard Patent DIVISIONAL APPLICANT: Howard W. Lutnick Invenion Title: PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES FOR PROCESSING INFORMATION RELATED TO WEATHER AND OTHER EVENTS The following statement is a fuI0 description of this invention, including the best method of performing it known to me: P PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES FOR PROCESSING INFORMATION RELATED TO WAEA TH ER AND OT1 ER E VENTS This appl !aion c 1im tnafit oFrpntity of lUS. Paent Applimion 5 Sia Nto. 1 . , 3604 - fled S epn embe 28, 2006, wh i incorporate by 011e" f c herei as M w.nmaf At p i d iS;C. 1 sAOSui- YOT pun-rp os es Of ealb I elment an DETAI.. ED DESCR.) NP ON 30- The follow:dog sect:n 1 - VIII provide a guide to nterpreting this pate appicar jon. - Ii The (c n ) "tdijat" mean any Ulaci-: .. i mi) 1 ae le and o, Comp)Sion -0 c! manle> unless e xpressy $p.ciie C othrw i. Te rm recess" means any process mi mecthod ol it ike unlJess expiess;ly specinfied other wise.

Each process whetherer ealed a m-t l. alatm or othenlwsel inhe-Lntly 20 iinclu des on ne or- moto steps, and dh.erefore al references iN a "step" or 'steps' of a prCess mave an in hr1 ant cced 11t basis in (e rcl-e ie citlti on of the tcrr process or a like T. Ac dingly, any reerce in am a a 'sp 's s of a process bas suffieent anie cetdei basts.

Ib trm.s 3 eAnTitimCli "CDodlnea 'ebt d imen Ws embadiTnmids JC enTc8imdinielai "ne oeClbodlim n t a.e eD~$ omiftp id the lke mean "oe or more (but not ali) embodimeiss of h d isclosed tat i1r1st uess expressly specified othlenvise. Th e "va nation" of aini verlitii MrAns an embodiment of th .- 0 30 iventon.. mes expressy speciie Othise. A refrc to "tier embodimeur 0a descrin an embodiment does n impl thi th 1 e Tnced emibodini i mutuasy exclus Cv wi lunother emboime (eg Iem itZbod it dewscribcd before dhe irefeed emo d nm.t) unless expmssiy pee t erwis. I he tc' Ts1 f.3 V Cd ' if i i2g" and Vari atioUs .hle(Y1 me .i -T l Tbt not JIOia ed to .. Uess expressly speedied OtnerwIs.

J ihe terms -a , "n tnd ' ti mean 'onec or mor", u a s e xpesy speci 5ed cIherwise. The term "Ia'ity" i means "two or more', unkss-255 cxpressy specified othenviSe. The c-on ''herein"' means in this pate-nt applicln, inociudLig anyihingi 10 wh),ich may bec o ated by ecire nce', oS o xpressly spec ii ed oi11erwis2. The phrase "ae 0esr o wh en such phrase modine a phiralitv of [bJTls 'sU:u 21 an -numoateid list of hings) means any comilnatio. of OT Tose of tho5e things, imless expressly speee odertwise. nFor examyi, the phrase "It least o ne of a w!d g a car and a wh ee" means ctdher (i) a wdget, (ii a 15 iar (ii) a wheel, dv) a w0d and a cr,. (v) a wi dge an.d a wheel (vi) a car and a w hel, or (vii) a widgeg a car and a whee Numerical. erms such s "one", -vo etc. wen ued as curdina n be'i''r s to idicae q uan ity of sometAxng (eg, on e H wide t Iwo wIdgtt K mean we Qiani sTy -. dicated by ihat mniierica! i--m, b C noe, men at [.ast the quinsity 20 i ia ted by it nu r ni cal tei Fo r ex am p Ie, he hErase "o i dg e4 t' does noi iO-I St ne 0TH? Wi c d2g" and thereforc the phrase 'r'e Wid'? d o not cver &4 Iwo widgects. *Th prase "based crn does not mean "based only on"' unless exowssly spec ed othenv c. In other words, toe rase "based on" ' descibe't bot base2d 25 only on' and Thased at k.cast or" Tihe torm representi and ike lerms are not exclusive, uns expressy Spee4ICd oierise15. TFor x ample., the terna TeDpetsls" do nolt mean "repselt-s ,y .s expressly speci iert otherwise.. o ther words, thc phrase 'the data rep'cnts m c-edi-t card num be 1' describes bolh "be data. represents ony a crd.- - 0 card T.|.Tber and She data epresents a n-edit card number and th na1 0.So ~rprssSomething ekse".

Til & lm lTCrOIy" is used her im ry to pr 1e a Clausc or C0e41 o x.rds tha ex. pe only the ieded reslt. objcior ni sequcrice of somehtng That is ptovi~ulPy and explitly recited. Th!s w the 1enn 'wherchy is used n a clam, h laus or 01 her words lat Ohe 1eon "wheeb rnjodins do not 5 I 11 spc0fic Whr lihmIltions of the din i oibT wiSO reSrit 1 Wi TUIan11 Or 5Cc of 1 Inc daimT.

The ''a . M.." ad loike terw means :iTot exaITmple, aT 31us doos TI01 T i0 the term or phrase Uaexpiains. For en ample, in tho Se tn oce "th compu1er sends a(eg. c0,a da M r1 tureO th in tOx Irnet th, twem "Yg." expI QMS 0 hat. "istrueConse' an example of "da t " hat the computer [ay send over the I ntmet and also ex phlai '1 daita STreouire" is an cx ampo of "dala" 1at the com 1-pute r may send over ijo iriternct .c Hvo.evcr, both "nstru ct ions and "a daa StrucEuri" arc miroly examples o"1 O af AM nd other things besides " wns'ru-cions anid "a diaa stuture '0cani be "dat is The Lm . . i ( ermis TmleS m "that is> and thus imits W-h icnn (r1 prraseR >ex paris For exaTpIeq i n the sentence "lhe comp u ter send s data i.e. motuctios) over the Interne.% the tem "i.n. aexp ains (hat "Instructin e' ne a hdt"Iat [ihe ~omTel .1r sed kvr eiimt SC' O L ' i.,:J JixoU-lCt 20 U. NtinA The term d eerm ii n" and gramlica] variains thereof (e. to dete-mi I:e a pr(c, dciermiinn a value, determ1nine an obi et whJih meets a certainT -ite6on) is 1sed n an extremely broad sense. The 1em "dermniing"..' en.compass.s a wjde variety of aOctins and Therefore "de'!tar inmg" ca include 2 cting procea.p.ssiriiX OCT111g, d I iK vest igating, oong up (e. KiAl-lg ip to a tale. a database oT another data sit UctCro), as!ortail-in and (ho. .ike. Also "'determining" can include receiving (e. r:ceiving iTn ormaion) accessing e.g., accessing dat a in a memor) and 1he like. Also, "d etemni can diclude resolviaing, sccling, Choosing, estabHshmng, Wmd thoe ke 30 TI-he tonnro "dC1-i irig" dones Uot imiiply cel"2tiiiy Q- ab W0ue precision, and dhereore "dee!:niing can include estimaMing, predicting, guessing ad Ihe lke.

TV e lCim dining1 d' >Lt 3. id ami m n Ki d a I'rnl ac I I pro 25 nllCS eperimd an d does not im 1 hat nmi c mth ods mrus be usei am do es ot imply ihat an A or procss is used. The ierm It "rining i do esR no i mp I that. any particu1 de Vce must be 5 usel For exanpIe, a complc ted not neceaSiiy perform the decrminng. . Fmrns of: Senteces Maxc C liaNltOC. '.of a hoSt. Claim woId coVcr one of a fature an welI as more than one of a feature e.. a 1roItaton sich aCs "a 0as o \e widetzC" covesT 0 on)e wid get as wd I as more tian on e wd gei and where in a second claim. th . dependsn thi Ilt cilm in i he Conad )li 1ses a dCit Ii arn CC 1e61" to rofer to he iliIt allai' (e.g., i . Wi.dg|.~) rhis d oes not imply that i e first C a cove -s only one of 1he fe latlUre, aId this doc s not imply hat f:1e sond c 16laIm coverS only or k oI [he F'a cu (i.g. "tIhe wid gcr can cover bo h orne widget and mlIore tan on01 5 widgeti. an ordinal inlmbe (such a '"st "second 'third and so on) is used as an adjeotivc o a Werm ha[ t rdinalY iurni-s ias unless e xn- ressly spIeel01ad orherwis) meeOyo T idi cate a pa j icu lr feature, such a d lo distir2guish that part icul nL wftre nroam another feature that is dscibed by he acme term or by 20 C sim lY term. For xampie, a "irst widget " may be so nw.aed st m v G o ,ill 51) it from. 0.g., a "Second widely". Thus the inme ilage of lhe orlioa. 1) hbers "t'd a 1 second" before ibe erm 'widge' does not indiate any o1Ter reliondship between th-c two widgis. ndt lLkcwvisc does not IndIca ally olber t:ImaKetensics oa f either or both widgets. For example, the herne usage oime 25 Orndin numbeT5 "st! and "seond" before tie neri "wi d (1 does not indicate tWlat OiVC So: w9n S otC0 S ba2 r ill O Cfi t) Yt ar iuaay !n o1la m- eti oilw; (2) does n o indicate that eter widget occurs or acts befor. or after any 1ther in time; and (3) does not indkcate that oilher wi dget ranks above or blow any ote.- as in mpoCrance or quaily. In iditioT, the mere usage of ordinal mnubers does not 303 dleIne a nneinca[ limit to the feCaures identified with the ordinal. mnb1ers. For example t. h mare usage of the ordinal numbers first" and "second" before e tenC idget does not1 inliCte thw a there mu51 be To more tan iwo widgets.

hen a it devic or i i cribed h in more 1cc or Oae d1nVIC I : 'ie'l 'wh.e o Iloi ty c era mai alivMY be a d a i n pl ace of t singoc devce a e that is. dcribed. AcoordingL. the funcNOialiar is deslWbad as being posseIssl by a dviC ce may a10 m ly be possssed by m -N 5 tm (ne dice/ acl (wher or not Wy cooperate . Stiil5.y where more than one device or iIese is described herein (whether or not they cooperme a sin devic / Hic may ad.ernaivey be usd in p1A cc of 10 ume than one device or article that is dciried. Fnr exaleTi, d plu-ality of comnputer-based devices mavy be substituted with a SinglC computer 10 based dvic. Accordi nJy 1he various mcti6riai that is descrbed as ei -,:I possessed by more 1 han oner; device or -rcJe may ftemively be possessed by a n;N article. Thle iuctiomli Jity and / ar the eamIre of u. .Igle device that iS des$nbed may be I amaively embo di ed by 05n C 0m - eOf h ecr levi e s w hi ch niaC des i bed i5 butw are iot expl citlescnbed as havng suchi Fincionali ty / fleatres. Thus, ot her ambodImwcas need no i0 lude the described device itself, but rather can include the one or nore other devices whc wmJd, in those other emboimeris, have suck functionaly / fSaiores.-- - 20 1 V D jej d nl:;Lagjg ot nig mci-oUS embodii c0s arc dlesciibed ini this pal' appication, are prse i!!uiroive 1 u TV 1303rposes onl y. Te descrlbd Ci-.odiiment.s are no. and are not ionded to be, linig in any sense. Te preseny disclosed invention(s). 'rY10 dl 01del tobI T1niierou. emb odliments, OS s readI Y apparent from te 25 di jscisu e. One of ordiriPy skil] in the ar wi l recognize I ba Ie disclosed i Y tbi may '-_ be p rac iced wh v fa and m fi os andi all-em Ji o.s. s .h as structraL o, 'I a so ware, anid electric cal mod ifica tons. A itho ugh particular Itiures o.F the disck)id net ion(s) maY be descibed wthJ reference to one or more partico ar embodiments antd / Lr dr-irigs, a should be understood that such 3 e atu res ae not I im td 10 u sa ge in th e one or more particular embtod i. e.s or draisxin gs w SI Atie to which tiey are deScTed ib nes eXprcSly specific The prsent dscio S is iiera lieral djesc.Tmi(an OKW id eodiments of Neit''r h TilcA (ulo th t e bimng 'If jtwc pIge th pbs a1cen applicatin) no the A! bstact cet fth aL the erd o f i f TI application) is l0 bI ie a liming in1 cny way -as t 5coPe of the disCl.Cd J'I Cineion s) An Abshact whs been icJ udo d in hi upplicaioii imrely hec ause im Ab1 act of oz omc ihan .150 woids is reRed under 37 CF.?. § .72(). The tie of this patent; application and head ngs of seLons prox Wed in i k 10 poe applical-ion are Or coeience ony, und ore noi o be tae i smii-g th dsl.5U1swI in any .

De'ices fbaa a dscribed as in coimmmiiji on wIh eTch oiner need not be i CO i0LUS cOml nicanon wt each otherY, un1Iess ex prelCy s 1 cified Ot.crwisc. On 2ie or-yTT , such devices need on y transhmit to each oiber as 15 acessary or desire b We, ni ay atH M Jc fri in from exc angi ngi fdata mio-st of the m . or x Imple a ac hin i Pn co mmu ni cation with an oher machine v -t he IntEmt nay ni. trn mit Idata 1o ib oiet machine for long ped od of (ime (e.g. ws tIl a ti e) 1 T. ir di ti evices ta : arm r a l co municon w i $ : 1ac r m OtayOfl Licomu cni drect Iy or indirye ihough one or mr 1)ermediaries. 20 A descri pTion of an embodiment wii1 h s've?. compots r 'catrs doIs nmfimply thaa or I v c mfay f s u c components% feaone are r d. On hc contrary, a vadyty or piiormI co m]ponenits are desibd to i lustrate i he wid va riev of possible embdnments of the0 present inverlti(s). Ui-ess minerwjse .pecified xplicitly, nO compoilent/ fere11- is eCsi)al or qi Ied. 25 Alhu process steps, algrits or he Iik ay be ds--c-be n a ScQL0t;il OrdeT, sueb prMce s y ia 01v 11L gurei d -i oF wo rk in dTifrn i orders. n otherwordw , ar'y ,qucnCoc orl ore o si-ps that may b' explcitly described dos t necessari Jy inc2 in;3 requirement that -ihe stp be pcrform cLJin. that order. The tcps of p process descr bed hericn may be prtrimed in ay ordT practical. m' tur~rCL me Step-S T11!.yD be peformed ciutaeu l dspitc being descrKbxd oc i(pied Las occ ing mor-si mutaOo-Tsy . because oc s!ep LS described r the hcr wep). M'feover !-e il i olfa proco55 by t action i" bw 6S doe not im~ply thal the i! =tted poces -s S x. uSiv o ther varinions ad o dii aions 1he reo, do cs nop1. y ha r h i iu stal-d process o' any of it ep-1 arInecessary to th i ".v enion, ami does not impry n toh te illusO:aicd pr - ccC.Ss 5 Allhugh process moay ho dSCrlibe W a C Wncludng a pI alvy of t.S. that d~oes l .noimply hallt A or any of ie .sps are essenialJ or required. ous oiber Lmbodienl s witna The scope of $ Ie doscribed invenuonts) ic lde ornr prcsse doht omi women o al of the dcsctbed s ips. Uness otherwise specified e:xpli!yx no sop is .s1al or require.. ) 0 Alhourgh a produce: may b described as inchuding a ptN:ay 4I (p) onen1 PspecO pl1(I1Les, chaja1'1 and Or features, that does not n d i cae ta, all of 1he rity are ess en pat or requ i &d. Vai ousV oher -,,n.od Cr-V.S Withir th0 ScO pc of th) dSt Wied Ke-.DenlliQ incl ud1e other prodig:s tat omit somo or all of the de3scrbed p y 1 -y j 5 At1n anmera oted bi. o f hizem (hih y or may no1 be numberd) does no t i-h"-d' "Lat ay. or aL o f icem urrs am mr Uat e x c lC IIsive, inle ISy exprPsl scifi -mil OllerWNSc. .ike.. ZI T T! mETret O lCd I of ite(ils (WI~rh ma y o nav iot be mnnbei 1 rot) dOeS not imply that Y OT alt of the item rei~q crehensive ot? any Ca.Cgory. n UliesS cxpressty specified oterwis. -or FoT eXrp 1C 12o et aicdwl 2 . computer. a Laptop, a PDA" does not imply tha any or at of Ibe icre items of that list are xmutuatly 1exclusv and does not irnpLNy that mny of all of ihe three items 0 C1-ha. Wt no cwm 1-F[hen)0s1\C o F any cat egor1. It wa NJ b readil y appineno to 1 C ordina r skill t he ar, ha i:0 variu processes dsibed hCeriTn Tay be irmp cmented by e:g, appropdately pio)-8mfliedUgeiie RI purpFe) ompdea S and CompunI1ng dcics. Typ.iclly -- ~~~~.. ..... po . y T poii A y .:e- OCdej ndcx a;toui a thow i ov oa ub pe~ ne im ai megitai p sosireeiv ibruion , rom m ro process~t~' ,n9e by' those instruciions.- A "n s one or nmr mropre or, cecral pmoessing un s- (CP s), coput dev-ces micr-ocontmrlers. digital] sig'nv! prcsos or -n dice orUarv combmJ)Taion ihvvreo - Thus a decAipnon oa inces s i l(kewis a descrption o arno0 apatus for proin tgibe process. The apparai us can i nicLud, t. a pticessor am those iput d cs and K 2 JoI..Lput denviceo hat are .ppmrio e 1 iim he me-hod.--- IFerl, programs atha im'plent such methods (as vel as o Iber typS ot ma) iay be stored and iransmited uing a vaity of in'a (e.g, computer madati medial) in a number of manneis. [u some embodiments, hard-wcd o c rcuiiy or custom harwh ar may be used in pace of, or in comobinai ion w5h some or all of Ie soware i ns ri A ous dhat cai Pn iphennt the processes of various emboiments. huNs v arious combinations of hardware and so m be used instead of sot1w.Var only. The term "cominp..etina dable mxxedii"i refers to anyv me dxiuL. (ba 5 anicpates in providing datla (e., instrtionCs data struTHres) wh ch may be read by a computer a pro cesso or a iito de:vi ce. Such a mediumn mnay take manty frmns. indudig hut -11 not liited 10, Ti OTI-VOl atil e media. u~ii, vola1 med.a, and timsi-ss1<i on media. Noni-vokuie mdi a inchlde, for Tampile, oprl or magelic sk and ober persieutmemory. Volatile medi a uncluEi dynaicrandor access memory 20 (DRAM) which t-ypical]y constites the Tmii meory. T ran smssi on media include ioxiaii cab] es copper wir aTn fber opics, in:uCldirng 1he wireS that comprise a sysim bus coup ld to Ihe professor. Transmissioi media may e! Ladea or covey acoune55 waves,. Ugh waves and clectrmanetic emissions, such as those geneated durig radio frequencv (RF) and na R) da ta 25 communicaTion1. Comon forms ofC omuuir-teadat) media in]tde, foe cWamtpi, a floxp isk, a flexible disks hard disk, magree tape, any other magnetic medium, a CD-RO , DVD, anw oh er opi maredm p-)ch cards, p-aper tape, any other physicaJ medim with aems of r foles, a RAM a PROM, an


5 ROM ,t a FLASH--EEPROM aNy other memory chip or cartridge, a carren wave 34 as described hereinaiftCr or any other median from which a computer ca read, Various w fmnis of computer readable media may e involved in carryinc das .g. sequences of insrions to a processor. For ex ample, data may be () 8 'd2!v'rd 'rn R A No a NCro( ; (i)C-i v U wiles !TannlsS i um; ( 3i asted and i raTsiTe d acco rdig 10 n mous fOTma, siandars o prlocoissuchi as bernet (c' EE F 2.3 S AP, A TP, 1 IBaoolh and TCP/A P 1 D M A, CDMA, and 3C; and /or (i v) eniyd piri cy- or 5 pr-venti fraud ina any of a variety of w.ays wen known ii [.hc am. Thus a descrip ion of a process is 1kewfse a desciphon of a computcr uEadabke mcdi um 51ong a program fr prorming the process. The computer r cad a ei C can store (i. any a p ropi ate f a ht those program cleme..ts which are appro pi- ate (o per-forn the method. us ! ase desI C-iiiloTn of v (UnS ilnps ilT a po cess does nor indicate that al the descri bed steps are rep :cd, embodi mnins of T appao rus mnchide a compulcr conuti ng device ope-rabI e to perft s- SomC (but not necessarily a) of the desrbd process Ikewised w as the decription of vaiouS sIis in a process does not 5 i cbam thai a! the descibcd steps are rcuired, eTbodiTmes ct a comptr reaIaie mwium song a program r data structure nctude a c omp" eedabiac medim storing aprogmm1P that, when ex icuted, can camue a. processor to perform somecI (mt not nce~ssaily~ all) of heI decribcd pr-ocess. Mlr d~atabaes are descried, "it wi'l b (ders:00d by on of ordinary 2U Slb i lW e Sri W uhi (i) RIertiveU databae Sl:rncM-eS to r08s: described may b( ready crmp loyed, Ind i i oilher ermorv stmuetes besides damarbases may be rc dity employed A.n illustrations or desc ipM AiS of any sample daSaPbases presents hein are i stralve a.rmngemn s for stored ireresen]aions of for-Paiio Any niimber or other arran gents ma-y b cmptyd bids t oS .2, . .a.. lstra5o in raWins or ci ewheTc.. S1 imiiar'Ya any Ur1ie entes of the databases represent exemplary infonma:in only; one o ordinary Skill in the art wi understand that te num e and Comet'flT ot twectres c be di (Threro from those deCil-ed herK. P'unher, despite any dep icti on of the databases s lables other formats (ilnciudrcg eat ionlO d0litbtlsts. c0a'b1as83 d iO ,. defts c~ or distnci11I atuIseS) 0w!.dd bc uned to store Radl mapi th data types d escrib d haireo. Ie.<~.eW.S o eh octo or O be aviot.S of a dalbase can be used t i p ementA ariMs process, ucl) as the described here-in In addion the2? dJaTbases Ima\y, (in a knwn m;ner, C:e .Stoed locally or remoiTOy -2 -o'm a uLCV!0. W-hich 600iSSi5 d'Ltil iTI suel- a d a? . . v (110us embod (Ini Cw bw 1COTIESd 10o work in TcEnwo .nv'O e Cl uding a comPute ta t is in Cmmit (e1g1 iJ aJ a comm co -nf - . nwo rk) w iib one Or more devi ces. Th compU ter May Commuica 01 with deices dc r i nd i rectl v a any wired or wIw s mo edu (AZ. the : Int c .A WA.N or EthTere ken Rt Kng, a itlphone 1in, a ca b e c 11mn, a radio chanel, a nI ca opti cl commi.Catis lin,11 commnrhi mn-l e sevc providers, u1j0 I)d SySI.enis a 5a1-01110 om Ii.)ca tio1S oI.n a mlbuTio 0Of any Of 0 thet: abovE Each of I ha devices may hemSdves comrie computers or other c1 omlut in11 dev. i(Oci) sch as i hose baed on 11TO ihe IelC'l P1e (-* nf or tot proCe sor, that e adated lIoC muni with 0bc computer. Anly mumber a nd type ofdvie ralay b ncmuiainwt h optr ' an a emnodimn, 3 server coiter or cerdruized authoiOy my iot be .

5 (UA0CSSalry0 ' or ) des)able..2- For.xamplo, tbe p8ese1TI unvenll3Ori oay, (CD (D1 erMbodim an b praccd o i onea o: moiare devices without a ocmi authority. In 51Cil oRo mb.1odi 1le; tny funlcioiS dCSCrWbCd h(Dby as perforD-ltd by the SC1nE compue o d(a descrbed as ored on t sev cr compultCr iiy jili! cd be. LperformeCd (y o, scored oin o o1mo( s(uc devices. T he Presen t di sclosu re prov ides w. one) of ord -'Inary S kil Ai n rhe art, anu cfoabl)Jn g de0scrp An of severa -l embodiment End / o r in VCBis. Some of theseL imT bodts and ; or i n Jons may not be cladid in tis patent pplicaton, but 25 -y e hless beQ c* IaAinm o i one moc ig applicdons1t- .) 2 t claim t> bOn|1 0i Of FPioly or Owhs puet am lic01l. Ata p .11 lS iltondc to file 1d di 10i)n a I ap~pical ins t 15t p ursu pLtsItS foir subject notter that has beca disclosed and nblTeld but not claimed in this patent appicatlon . . _ II I c. alam. a limiflO o. f (lle c!Aim wiCh inclluds Idosto phihane "mcansf"- (J the .hmse "sle for" icans thai 35 U.-.C S 12, pararp go lie 1p h6) tp3J fin a1 Ci cimT, a11ili i lit COi whiCh d0eS 0t include [-he pIra --- -C moans f"" or the phr-se "tp fo" m1e) a tha1 35 USC> l i [2, paragraph 6 does 1: aipoly (.' tat lI mita on, of wiiie'; ihi ormition CCli$ 1 (Y MiO l - - - -i. withouI recitation of si-uC1tu-e. atnieria o- acts for pcrrm'ng o hat fmiCtion. Tor e x ample in a cIm, the mre- se ofhe phrs -step of" or the phrase "sTs of" in eng 1no on rmore steps of ie C Li m or of anokr cli (o es nol mean that F10 35 U.S.C. . i12, paragraph 6, ppli Co ihat st(s) With respect to a means or a sep 10: petr1ng a specified Rection iil w ith 3.5 V.S.C. < ii 2. parag aph 6 Cb copond nlig Struct: maerial ots described in 1he specAiSe.i-n, and cq Ilerits itereof, may perifofm addition Em.n0on as wI! as 1110 sncficd EUrCvioi. - 1.5 Ciomputers, proceOrSO comipiuf indvices and 1 keO products meT sITueCes -- 7 1i1 f mw C0e0r r1 wic variet-y o funcions- Such. ducts (an be opcrale0 I to performi a specii I ified nton by exeu o or mIoe progr.s such as a progarn stoed in 11 memory devic' What product 0r in a menry device which . . - -- 1hal prodj1 ;CC.5S0S. U ess exprcSs y SpeifiC(i otherwise, SUd IA pf0Km 0 inEed . 20 not be baseo(d on anay pC I it i gorvithm, such as ani par-tC.iulr Igorthmn thai 1.A C0 lot itClogd oi 0th palie ai C OD. li i CI )I OWT1 L On0 (, f o n - -. skill in the ay; thait a specIied hmcwio-n 0-lay b iMpjLmeritcad Via L 0 etaTiit th and any of a nurn f diffeem 1godIhms ouj be I mre des, ig eice for e:arfl-y~ otpcc011la:CrC'Ifd ilcliOll.

25 Threfore, with respect to a means or a step For perom ing a. specified fnion1 it accord nce wh 35 U. @ 1 -pr apIh 6- structure correspondiiciln to a spcfiedI rmctiaon includes any produ C. progrmmed] to perforn ihc. SpeCined .[ hinCton Such slcure incdudes ptio pramm-d products which perorm thc unc lion regardless of whetherSuch prodCct Cs prograirmed with (i) a dsd d 30 aLgorith m or performing ih fimtion, (i 1n al gri m that is sim i a to m CdieOJ.osedagor-ihm or (in) a different aithm> for performing ihe t1n2ion.wr, -T)O N ) ~f(O ~ iiJaCi Numerous rzferenaces to aparticular no -nic. disctlimer or iarvowai oft addi ri -l' different ® emboieni ands simiilarly jeferce~tCs 10 thel dlescription of ernibodUImeds whbicht ail melude a± particular fealmt 5 does Tot indicate a dscnimer or disavowal of embodimeiis which 6o not include that partic ulr ea ture. A clear disclaimer or (di avowal In this aeni: a pp!cat o shall be prfefacd by a phtuaso such as "does norncile"' ot =cannot perifor IX. Over-view .) lIN an cMbouTien, a syStem (e.,g a etwil--.-based COmpuler x'stem nltisthe i Lity1 "'ber o 1 ~lub occurrnce o wheehc-eiate event (e. Ilurrrican) afling a pari cm jar geogapIhic area (n.g a t own. Payou r (e.g. determiation o anricu r mounds payal1 e) orm such a bI. cani be made a- ce ord von [(0 a na -muncc sl A fr'L. d payout Systl or any olbe rtmte100togY. 5 T he us C 0 F wenS SU il as 1 an anS d "Wag 'i for convene Oill y and loes rto cmiotela ihttth Cre icessail mus1 be any involvem t of n)y form of gamnrg or a ltery~ sweCpStakes, though scha CmbodimeftSs. For example. lhe Ethods a1dI stei PS diSClosed hereihnm be- prrmed usIng inanctal srices systems such as sysers whi c h process, receive, or other invlve fuiies, op1] jns 0 otherwise 2g ipani al inslTrments. In sich an c n it, a i-Lie p, oioiD or o1 .t d32N1v -t - t may be based o an instrument whih is -"valuedor otherwise takes s valiw - rom)i data that elIares to an eent such as a weather event Such an inistruame may take iis value from, .g a weather readings offcid release Or 1tiemCn ga lrd ng I1. wel-lther, 6 Cc.

2Pari - a u el betIg is typi ca ly coi dee. a betissystem m when the t5 waged from most or a] bets (or possibly bos of a dular typ) are a!!icaied to a "poo!" (or to a poo 1 of a pural ty of pools bsed oin the particular ype,). Typicaly crin amowts are de duced mm O he poo0 ( taxeS .ransactlion fees., and / or- a '"bou~s" aiioamit I andI thOe cbU~nlf~ tilmount after spe 3Q aedulons are avajiable to be pad out o "winners ofe' betting syiem. Ti pT you amounTs for winners arc ecjd sharing the pool among al placed bets. Fot ixampic, a portion of the poo (e.&, we pioion remaining aner certain d~1C I00 [ayO 00 diie i OS.l Iiii. WllcaC 1 W .l.l' g''~i an. -. doo0ut !.181 is propndioIa 10 their esencoV Wageead aOLi0. namny variatons and rcame 1 o patu eI a beotag arc w -known aid iUS at'2 not oxpK witly Tecited -ecil A coord 1ag to an. eitbodiieni, on oT ooe bis may be made (vg, a a naui--intUtIb~eliLOg Sy.ieD). y o her bclti2 SySuCtt in a Sstr (WIsed .- 5nnanciaL nsimCna i:s) W which ibe he.t d;efunes (expficIily. aud/ or inpl lyi one or moxre of: 1 an1&. wumdageed (... an amol. Which is put atiTnI( or compleC P OSS I.-- --- 1 ) a designatioN of One COr mI' 11 TeaS (g. a To-, : COty, a St t,. oT 1 area d 11 p~aln 15oi 5oi~itirog Of coltiguous or nontigtoUs areas) 3a dsigaion of one or more weiltber-rClaCd eveuil, naalil disastrs 0 olte evenis, irtcludrI g hMrricames, Stom, dpiCSSlons, ea-thqilkeWS t Ti1 11 , I u ilCiorijs siCs, ai:;y other event that is desCntCd 1WiTAo, or any Bveits lased on ay 's ive dl lhi arC desibed heTe in (4 a ie piood (e. V a mon h, a hurricane season any anoth er seas m ,i a year. an lil-defi1 I lid whic hetcnds C -d dmite ly, n indfl peTod Wrih delxends innitn 0ly the fuiIre). 20 'In an "moodirment, pa1v0111$ I' SUCt hd5 are Ibas om (.i) WIoCt o o diAlgn a ed oY\CTL.() "h its" Itc cinx.L cd area) i n a liAm a pe rod ,... (hls 5caso. irs year n -x year, any time period made of Coi iiguouS or rneontigus time periods), 2) wheCT the desigated even.(s) S he designate 0rea~s) beforw it oilg any OdleT areas i1 a iMe pe)d i) to ; ha tent Itie desi .- ? 25 oven " d hit- Q de gigate-d ea) s, a time period. In aR embaodmit tei miil atlIo o. E What S UnU arc to b10e paid may he fhrTr bled Oi2 Whi Or of a pM -Y of Poal he payout is to be ilocd Rom. For ex am p!W th c c an b aw -t pOOls, one o vh i clh is used to pay or a rirst designald event that occurs in a iM c Period (i an y) i and the second pool is used to pay for a second desiAgnated event -in 3 Q a ime priod (i f any). I rn an emboiment bets y b e sold or oth.erwi tr -ansferred (e.g Asod after bem i-a -1 y a ±T p-ary. nCb sac ti'ansferrinl± ownership / beneiTif- 13 eres5 1) a 'hir pany) or emmple, a h:1 nay son a acuoan".C100 OT any Otlnr sa0- Sy' l Te toa i ird p ni a d the t hh d p a dy'o l recxe I' payUIrf.. ImC i)e1 is a winn'~ in bt An A P (appli cato I.n prograitng ie a .rOe) cavn b pro d 10 llrdow 5 access (.g. , by s (usg son ware deveoped by others) to any of fh 12m.cdEoali.ily om X. SomeWeather-Re ated Events a he aurai Eyen- In xm coioogy, a tropical cycoe is a slomon sysItm feied by the hoa.

k0 tlased when ois air 1-ises. and Conldes CTl. y c are disnignnulshed fm ri othcr Cy17CEDD1 Wiiid.ltno~ s uch as nvy% stIruopean w (d SioMns, and poa aIW5 by the at ncai'chmism tIat fnels them, which makes them "w n-m core" storm ysDeris. lep nd on C iT IV i (a 6oil di dt , t oie are vous nernms by-b which ropical cyclones o rn known, such as h nicane, typhoon tmp iCal sornu(, and 5 propcal! prson. r 'p ica-a c yclones can produce extre m l- strong wi nd, tornaldoesw rreniaim an di huge wes swampmg coas. fls caill d storm surges. Ine heavy rary and stormzsures cretegiant flood Theio ef:Itcs of iropical cyclons Onl1 human popuaions can be camastrophic% involvii iury, death and property 20 daMage. Tropi cal y c.ycnes are classified i to three main i :oups, based on intensity: irop(cai dpressions, tropical I storms, and a Ib Iird group of more interise storms whose uIn e depends on Co rgion A. -opical doprcsion is a! organ .-ed system of clouds and t1dcrsorr -,1 21 wh de~nd S1f1aC Cii a3 L Djd al rJmax.imum S Siied Wnd- of .eS tiham 7 . I . . On (3t1. 3 TOD h,03 62 1S 1 It has no cytin due no? TI, 4i cau 1.y nav -.." O xri!.zaion or the sp:iraI shape of more oweifi I stors A tropi ca stori. i a1 ora nized syste rn of stroo thmdersto s i th a d penned suri-fac.e cir cuiation 11'd max imum sustainedA winds boween 1 ? and 32m 30 (34 63 l.i 39-73 mph, or 62-17 km/h). t is poi the di.cjv shap; suns 10 dAevolop, hough. an eye is usually not resen. Governmnt we 1 seriices assi~in 15st nasIS 10 sicos\t that. reach) 11is intenity lhos ithermi named A iurica-ne o, 1yphoon (sor.mcl mos simpny re feared to as a tropica cconC.

as opposed to a dcpression o7 sorimIXi)is a ssaJPm with susu Wnad w inds great er ih an - 33ms(64 i: 74 I mph, or 18 kmih). A tr oicM 1 CVyC lO tends to (dLVe lop n ey an area of reat"Ive CaIm (and lowest aitmrosphei c pres onre) at the center of circuaaion. The eve is oftn visible in sateit images as a s)ml circular, cio.- free 0pot. SumLundin thie eye is lie eowa an. a rea about 10-50 mi (6-4 km) wide in which the strongest thunderstorms and winds circlate around the stormsI o cIt r - --- w ri1 p The circlaio of clmds around at cyclone's co1Or impaIs distinct spi-al shape to the system. Bnrds or aims ma exend over ral distances as cl ouds me 'mawn toward ie loine. he. direct OTf E' cyconic cctlatio depends oni the .- .. mispLhe.r; its countercIock wise in ihe Nortbe Hemiusphere and clockwise i- 5 he Sopuh em Hemisphere Maximum sustained wids in the strongest tical cyclones have been imecasured at more th 85 /s 65 ki, 190 mph., 305 km/h). 3Jyewallu ephaeen[ cycles nraly occor: in incnse iiopical cyC.C WIen cyclones reach pa k intcas il tey usually - but not always - h vi n eywall I and radis of maximum winds dhat conoraca to a very smalH sitez around 5 20 10 .1 miles. 1 lAis pOint, some of to Ouier rainbands maIy organize inlo an o r -cy ring of load rsto mis i ha sowly moves n d and 0ls the iTTr eyewa of its n eded Nmoisture amd M0MCFUM. Dutrinig1 tis phase , fbe bropica cy.clone .

eakeniw g (i. s, the ma1x imIuJm vwi nds Is o a bi. and th central pressure goes a up. Eventually the outei eyewal irep..l aces tvhe ii ne one co mpltey and 1 storm cn 2 ' te same intensity as I was prwviousy or, in some cases, even :o. nger, lven if Le cylone is weaker at the etd of the ey' w 'rplacem ent cy ce, Ite fact that -t has jsj Lntderagon.e 01.1 arid will not vmi-ergo anolth er one so on will allow i to sreng hen fhoIher, if o he conditions allow i to do so. o ffiially. a d'a) s wheV" n a storm's cener (i he center of the eye, to[ its 30 ede reaches lain DUe .o Lhe storms size, sWor dIons may e ex]perlenced w O the t ain insai-d we 1 before wdfalL. In fact, for a storm 11O-EI iland.. the andfall aret ypically experiences aouhadt h the al storm before the.. ac..ual land. .l ..

Mano y olher2 forms1 of] Cyclonl can tirmin su SLc as ext~ratropi cal c2yclones anid suttlVopia ylns nn na ZA oS1O SOxyop.5.0 An is phemdrm An.enon i;aL resl is Wpowerd by ib su release of tre en ergy 4hat radiales se isic waves. At i Eath's sur face c- karlbquakes ma y m ies themelvs by a sha kin or diaCme ofh 401 ground ~i d somettimeg si uami.s whi may n ctad o loss of life and destnicijn o Sinc seismoLogists cannot diedy observe ipture in the Ea-ih's tneor they rel t)n geot~ic~ Teas$uemetcls td numed~lt ealI expertiment~s to analy ze seismic 10 waves aind accurately assess severity of . svety ms of caarlbuitqake. canf be0 measured in terms of mnagnitud. anid inlensity. For that seismologisls use0 j!-, ofwd O wo tiloaen ca lly dfferec I but eqallya im portant: lypeS of scales. .iie or iial force or energy of an earhquak is measured on a magniNude sa l, wi le the in oT shanking 0 CCurin g a1 any geen pOi K rI tihe iEah 's siutie i.s TMWirtred 15 Onn inTensity sa. While the non-speciized media willen or- to ihe Manitudes ofn carn quakes as bing reporc an ie Richler sai e tc1he mnia ioes ie orie - nowadys a r e tu a Ion t moet magnide s cale. Th oder R j(ichter scal I c- - not adaptd f1 arger eaithquakes. 20 The anayses of ;ahquake sevteity all ow scientsssl-o esr=ta the ocal ons: and 1 lts) i hoods of tI re carhbqiUakes, helping identi hreaOsS of greatst hazard and ensure lsoty of poopie and infrastructur located in such aaa. Tio a ha w he Yxten A of va ec i love is of se ism c i effoc is wiin a pat I ar o-ocaly i.

seismoogists comipilo special maps called isoseismal maps. Au isaseismal maisp 2 5 Useso-t uw I ki ot11 arc5 Of equ) Mal u .0 in lofs of around s.Akinga iten si ty grour sufnce i shaking am pli fication a: oiner seismic Eoi s.

Tvpain dlec maps ate erea-lad 1 combining itos-Cal n1:rumeit-Tecorded data wrh responses to postal questionnaires that are sent to each past Oi ene aar the eardiquak and (a a sparser sample of post offices with icreasin distance from 3r0 ther earq ue s w of preparnY g a seismic hazard map can take i-on s to complete. In contrast to Ihe old method, a acwor method of information collectIon akes advmantageg of Qhe a Iemm1o general initi, h-aza5! rd (mapS ata11 iay.

Data are r cid hrc.'ugh a questions. n iho imPerril an.SwrIed by peole who . -- actually xi. nced the arthquake, durn to pTocess of preparing amd di striu ng a mtp for a paniul ar e earthquake m o nths 1.0 miinit-s. A suona i a sices of waves wMen a body o waer such as an ocan s b rapidly diace o aassv scale. Eadquke , ass movemu abv or . beloI (w wateC . olca: 1C erU.pfi DS) aid Dhot omderWateT ex pl0osn, a td. [a rg - meter-it iip S a0 h 1ave the potanidi o geat L [2uD1l. own Afed of a . - SLnmim an tange1 frorn unoticRle Loevastating. Mi- of he damage of a W tsWT i is c 3tauscd by thew 1 u 1g Tma3&ss O(f waer 1 beh:ii.he iriJal wave front, as h11 height of tc sea keeCs risin gz fasi an d floods powerfn' into1 ih H coastal area. The woighi o f waterr is enough :o pui vaei objects hn i h oe r1dc iigs a) th foi Audti ons and scoun g exposed miun d to the bedloCk. .iY(OiLar1' os s s and hald drs can be carried SeverL miles inland before Wbe tsunaini sa ubi deS. 5 icotii:an imrense errgy, propagaTI at high spods and can iravel gyre .orans-ocaic d ISan cs -~' it c ill Rr cyd I058. A nsm a 1x can cmi se damage 1hous mdS of milcs nm is ongi so there may be several homrs biween s Creaion and ,4s impact on a cot, ar1Ja'i l g a t ib ile e IFismic w ented byhough [he iotal or oveal loss of 20 nergy i s smalL tioh total energy i spread ovec a larger and larger cilCUMerfenTc s t: wve ( traveX'ls. n an emabodiment, an amount wagered (e.g. b a by urchas o! a flnancia'i 25 istrmLi hav 11ai a value that is based mo a natural ev s1.11. added or hew se atlocated io a "pool of funds or otber r:esu9rces. The pool s, inl turn, used in making Iipayolts to wiirs A portion of the pool fon wagers (e.g. 10% othe poob a fixed armun) may be d edu ctd ro the poor provided io to affected area (oe g. provided to 30 one or m 1-me mimcipaitiestate govermnnt agenclw. outiles in th .. cc.d . reas Addi.'ionial iy or aoenatveiy a potion of te pool (. g., 2% of the poo a fixed amount) may be allocated to expeaeos iJa dmini Se ng the beUting 5ys m. or fin-v ~ ~ m AdiV t 'f*. iona11jy olrirrlL: n,, v\V poo!. may be a t to c prn ofierce--age or 10 a foyalIy due 'o ai entisy I n of te for going or in any he p of ection or a iocalon 1. m aner of C h deducii on or aliocation n be different in dii Feror circumstance (' dfe yeT am outsl in. 1be0 pOOl at di f"feeT0 nm es su ch as atib cad of a time period). For- exampa. he no ri on deducted So h pool may be hcigr when bC amount in pool% t g A gr Ce. i f the pool ex re1d 0 S 00,000, and 5% othervisei. In 'neobodime " the portion deuted front (fhe pool may bc lower whein the amiioui in the pool i-s igier ( % if lto pool excee $1, 00.00, amd 1 0% othiw-ise). A. poo ma b incretatd by a.ounTS sucas thing c~mqrituOns and or an-i atoUne ai aid l Ox1-5o r 1 m . QiC Y fromi otiheri beting eVonit t (C. ShtUrrt can c bit ast Seaso herc wren no wimiCtS !asi seaSon). n an aenmodi mCnt 1ihe amounts emaininin pool after deductions are ,,I Ki(; 1 " in W e- c. . 'hos LS01 which deCs i gnatc!d a w are w-nb a Eh hil: 5: 'y a desitmlUd event)I. Tro may be a plality of pwoos, to whr a cacb pool Coresponds i fi frnt areas. For example ier niay be a differen! poil For each of a plural by o large geog-raphic greas (e.g1b th oth-eaat the Mijdwest). In an cmboidiment. g' aph i are Co adeSDing tl) o n a pool IncludeS a Subilaial nmn-T of 20 arcas (eg., One hundind Towas) Whii may e bel. -Sch an.

emrbodim'eni may be pramccd in cm binabion wl i em.bodi l ments in wh(ch thire are pooh fri different et-vents (e. hurrcane soi) and / or different occurnces of thestamiet eve! (e.g a p..Jurality of rn can es) . A pooi mla nOt 0 used ai al to imk payoioNts. For example, ini all. embodiment (here aTyk ho two or more pools, each for dierent T youts for cifferont Iurricanes during a season or otbar time period (e.g, a first h urcane . hji. at a second. hurncane to hi!.. if i re -fewer h rricanle tha6 h1-di han S u poolk, thn the amounts i those (e. g, used) pool.s may be e oe foi other prpolseN (eg, used for stbscqueni pools and / or eVeJs. s to payout wineWrS ot 3.0 preousi events). X3 DCgjainr Tilc amoimT DY payou to n L W | tlOng hew Ia f I Nor' behig LScd Wei2 '1o:i , i at e ilo-l i ;nSni (y' illa glr a b ibt ccicn rD ~n'lm. fit C ritY Iiat .d ,ie Tx) a'ke a bet and an entk 101 (,A. a y sOm that aows bet to o nadd - cn Ie bIased on a pari-m e Sys!-Jm (eg, C p r ta share of tie avaiabl pool' S xed aToLnTTI (C. g, (\\c ec am ot f the32 rCSpt C amout11 w;a.gered oT an -T womb inaMiion of tIhe foeon pr -17ter Paiy ou derei minat"ions.

In cmoo ment. [he cckvoiA to a WI.ifi def10T is Iased or ti 0Tn -f i V on (a.g, he streg-h of a hurri cane, t sIteen h of ai ca tha ke). Fo exaple 0ho payouts from 'a 1.c.tgrv yh.T t totm hitting ia desigaii cd ama c-an . e 0 aCT tlia[n h0 DB O) front a catliory two storm hitt?.lg that designed IT. n - :n embcod tmetoi whe eia ~tpaym'3t~1 iS t0 he IBZSSCr. a1 Siler i ]?OTO Of ath po it1 my he u sad t) p a y out h2 (e a. 8 0% of the availa Ic po o 1 fir a iturri ca rc t hat: is ca tegboTy 1hre or esser and all of tk available pal foT a burrcanhaa is geatcr than a tctgoTy tb.CCI. hI art n 1do -n len, there is Tio ] aVOit udA{ T sCr St Ongi&tii C Voycms.- -- ay t LIVO~i can eI: based oi other factors beddes strength oF the event. Hr ax ample.q the payoLui ca n be based on fbe daniag done by il1tne e In ain embodimnt, where it ns deterimmed that urig a paricar s eao1 a hutrrcane hi-a paricnar town tirst IYOUot tht hOrilT hit any other towan), Mhenu 20 payouis (. . forn a first p 0of funds ca be made to those bettors who made bets that d si gnattd that partleLda town. Mu lipW events (a1, dunn g the same 1me period) may be processed in at aart i r nmy a nnrs. FoT exampves if durn niat 5arn 5o -5fn aT a h a o ve er1 Nodi mat a ScOno id Im. d cane were to hi a cer in.

own I rs (before that secod i-ricane hid any olher towns), th en payots (o.g. 25 TonTI o second pool of fadsi Can be made 1050 bois wi CT doSignated that c rtain tow-. -- Such a detirrt Tiati on of whether and / or to w hat ex nt hc de' signatead et"m "hits"the desigiatne area (or hits the dosiguated area fisf) in a m period ca~n be mlade object vey and / o s1.bjectily,. FoT examipi e, a designated avent 30a arcane, a poi on such as the eye of the aricane) may be designated by art oth ia|. 51SimCE~ C Ora eNatemeT:c ofii Ch as the IT..

National Woaiber Sr vicC. Fot example, the U1.. N ationat WeatheT Servsce mtay 191 design e he area whrc. y a iranC ramc ;amicn an -,his.ara cuki be consider the rsTh area 'hiW oy lhat huricani. SchC raflIon from the U S. Na iomd W e a Aher Service ouWd Nhen be (v received dicy b y a co mplerc or (}lbeCT CoTYp1-, Ing de VhLi, an ad 1 or (2) usfd a-, a e ferenco to ver hf of the vl Au o F an 5 11Strument piOtely based t11 Such LIT110l at staiteet.

For exampleI a tlie begum.1iiing of a. sea so, be'ts mmay he ade by a phunaildy of p articipanl, in wichi ell bei ind cates an ama (e, a cou). that a hui cane is to hit. A deiiion is later made as Io what area is rnt (e.g, w hh is lc i rat county 1 h(,ye of the first hu ri c ie h e bef-c army oIe- COun es a e i) . Th . o ermi-C n o anon m-ay be m ade soon a her tlihe hi I ric an C h ii a arc a (C.. the day CeII ;imi / or at other 6Snits (e. g., al dhe end of ie seaso. when official. data is Wvaihible}. in an embod Ilnt., there is a |-raht Ity y datrOt lC IOnS mache for fth same event (eg., a daterimniation eTDIC provisionalai" ard a deenninauoni made - usohi~uantc- which iW dcined Ln "0 ci1"L dynSgaon). in such an nbodimenii - 13 payout -y be madt (I) parla ial aCCOrdn g 10 each dClermiinti0n (ei.. 10% for a provisional desigMtW n and 90% for n official des,,rnati onI (2) fully lo each determnaidon, and a -end is required fOr sub seqent deteminatio0s that dccm tine cartier diaeerim.!EatoD5 to he etOIeilaI].-- In an cm otUment, one or r m-es riio nS may be imposed on anttloaS th.

20 deS ice 1o matke a tE For examp 1 I he ability to make a be (or other paraimeter of a bet) that designmes a pancular area m.y be hased on the rasiene oft boet.Or on oher cmiietion betwaee the heor aRd the ara. For exampi, in suc na bodirIant a bettor mu-ight only be ab e to bfe on an area if tat bettor resides in that airea. owns pro'rty ini thiat area. s I taxpayer in i-hat area., has paid certain or 25 i Ietax es(., (tpmpiy taxes, a i-Lom -axe/s) that ac due in. an area. Such a resiricilon my mean thator exarnpi/, (1) bets may not he made unls Such a sidenec condition is demosti-a ted, (2) payouts from bets may not be paid unless such a residence condition is demonstrated, and / or (3) iayotuts. from bets many be widrawn or resumed :by the winer if sucb a Tesi dance 30 condition is not dermonstratedl.

I an emodien a heao receive as n enhao d b neTt for on an area if the Detor as a connection to tIhe area. Fo exarnp e, a btom mnay r ci ve- 20ai1 n CJo aA a payou if atA ar be 10r cSde in hal ar(: a., own prr n lbai : is a taxpayer i 1har arca, ad i rha pain &izes due fTo an ara. in an embodmnt, a btir may desi nat ihis c .idce in an area aw nersJp o poerty n an are pacym en1t uF taxes o an rea, and thercby permit 5 sLuch tiL O' bie stooanda /f or processed. hi ai 0mbodimer, a rsi des; o area (or be o with arMnher conn -cian K1. an a Ta) calR) r e gisr arid CtC eCve an .denliii er h \ iflb d ata h at .0 dAvs hi area of resisie c. (or other connction) or hal inuscates other area doa, Then. a bi. by that resaden1 cari ind icalc 1 he residence addrCSS of ihe 1 ft punrchases:, or idicae another connection of thelte to the area. L an embodirm, a payout amonult can be maited In a address 102 is incraled in an ot the lforgoing mariners, or in another 1ma11e. X11L Pucaingarty.

NThe umo af whch a bHt is nade can affectbe puyul foxat bet For examle, akiTg a beI carl e An pro v aacd e. at dncreased payout cmlpaed' in a . pl ivaleit bet wilh leWas maidc lItter. Ad di.,ionfly or allernativeKly. ano.lbe n r .l -i can be p vided to a 6 cket purc haser who milakes a ber eititrer. One lype of benefil is that a lower commission i, te, tax etc. cau be 20 deducted iom tIe amount pad by te bettor. Tfius, according 1o an embodimI tentz a Nrger amount of tihe 1on)ey pa id by th bet|r is tUu alUy used fo hIS h POsv (e.g io purchase moc. 10 wagetrj mre and tus here can be a higher po Tti paye[ lu Uille be[r0it& n an cxbodimdre wlere A- amnt of payo-d is based a,:-: I Dc aouTfl iT Tide vialIe to wager). 25 I.11 anl Ibodiment, a bet mdcC at an cat noe can be conSi dered 1. g... for paiyou proposes [or lhe ppe t be equivaient to a larger amount bei (e. Anite to a greamer shaoe of the pooM upon winnng." In an ernbodiment a wager can be placed on a specific event For exampC awager can be paced wh.etber a phenomenon (eg, a depression other 30 phenomena) turns 1n1o another phenomenon (eg, a hurncane). Thee can he a pt tIT for tils change (e.v, a de io0 beof milig a iJn-i.can) and/ or a c mnaiion (e. a depression becoming a hu.lncane d that briane uts tand). 2 1 i ann ab odment, an amount wagered or por onl s her1o can be constdend dduct for urposes of calcuian iaxes cuce (e.gJ een! tax, sae . : 4i. A ccori gal g y, a graphical user interface or other i.eriace can. be pro vi ded in whch a bel r ca n rquesi such in formation ad be provided with such Fir exarnl the bettor (or other entiiy) can designana that t Jahc ji beingi used as insurance or as another deduclib l expendiie. - 10 AI the end of the year (or at other times, SUch as 11i 0 Vequest. by cUstomer) a s tmni can be genera ed ( e.I via a. Web interface, v emaIl, printed and maied .o the bettor) for the bettor. Such a stuemcnt can Mndcate, e.g, the bes mades the dtetais of each bet, what was spent wh ai was paid ouq.wha areas w er designated, when the bets were made, ansd / or and other informaion. XV. Or Bes In anemblodment, a bet may designiac a punraiy of different areas. or example., a be. may desingrate a center td a radius, theb iidi eating a circular region and areas eCm b eircuta reton. Other shapes besides a 20 circlar shape may he dig naed.

in an embrodimMnLt Uecan irack or correspond to a preAdition, opi in or e.xpc:ti (e . I at era a n area or areas wil be hit by a hurrcane) a anther - aalyt. ~vt~onl n hi ace, an eiodcenl. an itrace toay, be pro Vid ed (e.g. d LO1imiO Wi a1 a'oiO of an miettace th at displays a 25 prediction of another) wlich alows e. h to ugh; a single cick of a bttun or other user action) ie raking of a bet that conesponds to hia predAction. in an embodiment, a b:et can designate the olpposAe of any event or b . dcb herein For example, a bet may be made which ykids a payout when an area or set of areas is not hit (e.g, by a huricanet by- any of a set.of events d iring 30 te seaso nl}, in ancem imeia Ib1 micay d cgneat a decitaon i2n additioI to or instead cof desi gnatinga rone or more areas. A bet may vield a payou based l whether, e.g a 'ulCaine !-iotvc' in thlt d iretion.. .l an Dm bod maen a dir cc woon may be defIned i v tem's of a o-an g o f diecuons (n.. an direction ewcori and W chiding U01 1 anid Dnhcasti. -: XV.I. C1tt Ia an eo mbo dint a bemtor iay ruecive an ot9re|.- r . i wh f a ceepo ed. cause a p-arcuJ ar belI. to be made. For ex amp in, a graphical user interface (or an ema - commic F: a 4 tioil or any oth er commni ca 1111tDion 1metd ium Can pres entc a xi outo io a 13e1.Y w ho h a-s mid a bet (e.g., a bretoir Wlo hO o S rncel in md e a be. Ce--ii 10 dtais of the o M (Y g, io n ff L LEd be) w ih is provided to the betor ybe ba Wed on a bet made by th et 10, whiheOr ecini Uy or othtrwis. Fo cxmlmn, i f the btOr makes a het ohat de lcsi gnaotecs a f irs area, an offer ca oc novided to ihat betor. in Which tI Iffer denTes a secotlo area hat is selected ( . bL the Systemy) based n the rsi- area (., a second area is an arueaI ii s .

.I5 ad ace. to the first area). f the a r O s accepted., aid if the ofer de lines Iea=tics Of an offeTed bet I a b hav OSg O Ialtues ca be made atutomaticy r hr W io T. WV hehr oil HK: ara provided to a bWttor, and / or the features of such an offer, cart be based on il-er bettors in an area '.g, whether there are 'suffici11" wager amouMts 20 Correspoid io t1 (!.3 area) arld / o ohe1 factors. XViil. R ecornmendatis nd Other DaT 10 an emiboidii im uneface (e.g a gphcau1 s interface provided via it web or vi a cstom sofhv are) can di splay various data of i.nerest to a bttorT Or 25 Oh e. Aly iD niom atiotm or data described herei1 as w1 algn g dvita bto tmim any n Morrnation) or data described herein, mayb ciuiput (w.g di cd For examp e i formation regarding bets mad may be displayed n a format laf iScr ibe agr gate bets gC .., grcai.e amou.Rts wagerecd l 002 Or TI'1Te areas. For exam a raphical usr interface can display a geographic map (e. a map 30 of a poion of th be Uited St ) I cor-espo idin ge reual or graphics] (et. CoOY) di C rgrding bcis node w-1 areas, actors wv gcted ori aicase I n an Imbodimn thewv Ao gphe use irgr am- ipiy daa regar!i be (s of o ,hers, in wh Cich such b ts - ar eaned "sJm ar to thos of , he beto f. FA r eKnt nple if ai befaOr makes aLi c.t igt aTpes r a A, the aical usc i C as delay irifoim.aton. the ara d Nignated by bt's o ( Sei of bctors. " wmh t I of bettors had also made bela ihat designed aTea A. id the set or hettorS hadi also iLA Oi1h.Ct bef. 1al dsignate other aieac5. c i at. embodim eiLt. le g2aphica; user- in! cfac con display a set of areas not designated (or not frequen destitigated) by similar beilors In an em hodNTaJn m u llt a ica , US' ida ice can dispiy oihCY i:oaS lhat 1 ( correspond to areas S CA by a bei1 ( ., ara designatedl by a btml. 1har the bettor miade or desijre~s 10 moal e, anJ aa I C d oriI d by the betor in another manner). For example, the grapica usr imerfa ce may present pinions (w C-oTmndiAti o f olers.. an emb oodiet. one or mo luses or other entis may prov ide, b nased on a selected amc other areas thaL e.. should in their j opiin Ae designated by additionl bis. in an mbodient ie grapcL user interface i allows bets ro be mad b.ased on the displ ay ed or output daia. For exapl. f a mp or h gaC indi C.5 LvaIouS areas, theri liking on or ortrwise indicaing an arCa can cause a bet a: desi gnaIes that Lre to he made or factiaed (e. steps are takeT to mike 20 such a betC but one or more additional. steps are r(uired lo make [bat. be). J an inbodiMeCt, a goL can be output (e. a " olir can be di spay e' via a gphicial user jriterac). Th J- N ]go that i Output- ca) rid icatn (c. Vi yT*j)(pi 1 0i Yirn CM ca I d spl ay) aty ifOl rnatlin.t SnCU. as an etmartcd amouf 0 Me)y an area will need to ramsc if i is a y hit byt a hurricane. The goal that 25 i outp c an also idicate progress towards That go a (etg, money accuatedLLl for 1e ae viaT wag eas, the amount recCivedL, ci OT du Si o al l cald R, Lh e aire bY vilue of as allocated poton s of a pooi) The go al iha i.s outpT Can indicate goals of areas thal, are selected by the bettor (eg, areas that have been designed by bts of te beMor). 3$ 24 Gh 3'e F'r-ce 3 cc to p rior 2-ir, i n lthis s±cihton N not, an s hou k! n ot be tak en ulS axi 3 aLQ-nowI e'd ggxnenI or any oRnvm otf su tasiu 0! hrl dWe prTio a7rt lorni s prt o I t 11C cummoRt ee knowid 'e in Awstr l ia. 25s

Claims (13)

  1. 2. The apparatus 0 claims in which [he instruwctions, when executed by the at 30 leas[ one processor. further direct the at least one processor to 26 cceiVe a second piUrality of bets defIned at IeMst in part by a Secoid LimC period - ind an occu crc rice of th e wea Elle r-rei Iat e vent in which e aci of seco nd p hi rait y of bets is ni-ther defined at least in part by: ' respecUive amoIt11 wagered Sa respective geographic area with1 in a geographiic regioii pool at least a po ion Lf the amounts vatgcreLl Ar eaCh oV the seCOnmd p lral iy o f bets bio a second plurality o E pools, the second pLural ity oF pools comprising at least two pools corresponding to d ifferent geographic regions: al er an end of he second [ime period. detorm i n that the occurrence of the 0I) wVather-related event did iot occur during the second time peiiod; disbui so Least a pordon ofl funds fiom the second plural ity o1oos.
  2. 3. The appM-as of claim 2, in which the act of diisuYsi i agt least a por tion of funds fr the second plurality of pools comprises: Sdisbursi ing at leasL a portion of inds fr-om the second piratity o pools to one or more other cpols correspondiiig to one or more ot er betting events T he apparatu of claim 2 in which he. act of distl UTsing at least 2 portion o fhds form Mthe second ph urlity - 1 Pools com prses: 2(1 d isursi ng at least a portion of funds fom the second p urai Ly oF pools to at least 01n vii ner of a opi or i ng event- 5 The apparatus of claim 1, i n wic teh the at least one winner compri ses a p rural ty of winners, and in which the act of paying the at least one payout comprses 25 [yin g ihe plura ity of w ners payout amnoLnts determined on a pro rata, pari mutual basis.
  3. 6- "io a)ppai-atMi of claim 1 inl which the- at latone( Winnler comp!ise a pluralily of winnlers and the at least one winn ng bet complies a plural ity of corresponding g winning bets placed at d iffieet times, and in which the -aL of paying- the at least one payolit cotmpTS paying the plural ity of winers paoLut am oUjtS deterrn ied based on the (mm aet wlCh Cach correspond ig Wni Wn g be. was placed.
  4. 7. The appar-anis ol claim I - i wh ich rhe first p ua ity o F bets comprises a rsi subSet of bets that desigfnfiaea pred iced frst occurrence or the weathereated event during the rst time period and a second subset of bets thal designate an occurrence o Ihe weather-eLuated event predicted t F c iur duiuhng the i t ie period afiie a first occu rrence of the weaiheir-rdiated event, and in which ihe PrSt phirality of pools composes a least one first pooi corresponding 10 lo the firsi. subset of bets and at least one second pool corresponding to the second subset of S The apparatUS Df~ClAimTl., in which the act of reei ving by at least one processor a trst pl Oral i Ly oF bets, in which each he. coiprises receiving by the Iat east one -0-1- r pr-ocessor a request o vager that dam age caui sed by an occurrence of the weather-related event wi l cause damage exceeding a seci led amount and dtrm in31g wheAct the speci led amount is an acceptabIc amount On wihi ch to accept wagers based o) in formation determined abouL tihe weatier-reated event, "Ile appratus of claim I, in which each of the first plrality of pools corres-ponds to a predicted occurrence o f the weamher-relaled event in a di ffe rent gcog mraph i re g i)n 1I. 'he apparatus of claim . in Which the firstL pl urality of pools comprises: 25 at least one pool corresponding to a first occurrence oldie weaier-reJated event during the first time period, and at least one second pool corresponding to a subsequent occurrence of th Weather-rclated event during the first time period. i.. Thc apparatus of A O !,in %which each o f the first time period comprise5 a specific seaso md in whi -Ii each o e fi rs pl ral ity of bets is fur ter d e fin ed at least in part by a selected ti me within the spei fi season and in wh ich the ac- ot determ inng at least oie winner comprises determining at least one winner based on determining that the 5 weather-elatd event occai-red in the at least one specific one of the geographic areas dultinng the selected time, 1. The appara5 of Ck1, ins WA ii which [hen tions, when executed bthle at . least one prcessr. fiuthei' diret the at least oine prncessjr 1o: J0 pay a royaly 10 an entity, in whjch the roy ahly M com)prises a percentage of al least one of the first p tri L ty of pF oos, in wh ich the percentage is determined based on a size of th I a least one of t1e fi rs pilrality of pools. 1 3, The apparatus ol claim I, in which the weather-tel ated event comprises at 15 leasi one of a tsunami, a hurricane and an earthquake 14. The apparatus of claim 1 furher compri si ng: provi ding at least a portion of the fi-st plurality oF pools ko an area affected by an ocrccurrenc. of the weaiher-related even i. 1i F he appa ratus of claim I, in wlich the act of del e rm in ng at least one winner is based on deterni nin g whether the respective weather-related event aff.cts the repeliv*e geographic area before affecting any other geographic area during the first tire period.
  5. 16. The apparatus of claim 1, in which the i instruction, when executed by the at lcast one n processor, ltither direct the at iast one oroce ssor to: seli at least one of ti first pI Urality of hets in an aucti on,. 29 7. The apparatus of claim i ch t at least co playout comprises a least o n e payo ut an oun I CI (t ent i ed based on a str egtI o f an occu rren cc 0 C t weth er-i-elated - event. during the rt timei period. 5 18. The apparatus of cfiam I, in which the at least one payout comprises at least oie payotut amount dete-mined based on an amount of drniage caused by the weather related evenL.
  6. 19. TIe apparatus Ls of clai M 1 f further comprising: 10 dctermning firt n formation aboui a status o t le respcctive weather-related evert. at a firs1. ime; and determinigL2 second information about a status of the respective weather related even al a second time after the first time in which Ihe act aF determining r, the at Ies one payout comprises determin in the - - am at least ne i a payo uit based on e the ji rst i Fn rm a o n and the sec o nd in on at ion.
  7. 20. TIe apparaus of claim 1, in which the itt plurality of bets are received trim Mi p1 urah Ity of asers, and in which 1he in structi 0 wIheTI executed by the at least one processor, further dirctt the at least one prce ssor to del-erm ine a residence condition of 20 ) each UCse, inI which 1 he residence cond ition comprises at least one of: (I) t he user resides in the specific geographic area; (2) the user owns p-operty in the specific. geographic aea; (3) the user pnays taxes in the specifle geographic niea; and (4) the user pays specific taxes comprising at least one of property 2$ axes for property in the geographic area and income taxes associated with ihe area.
  8. 21. The apparatus of claim 20. in which he residence condition comprises: the user resides in the specific geographic are 30
  9. 22. The appar tus oF ci m1 2. in Which the reid nce condition Comrises: t0 uCr owns propry in the specifc geograplic are
  10. 23. The VpIatLS of aIhi 20,n h the residence condition comprieCS: 1h user pays taxes in the specific geographic area 24. The appear mtus oF cja4n 20W in whih the residence cond i ion comprise: the user has paid specific ax es, [he specific. taxes cormpis ing at east one o E property taxes for prOPerty in the geogaaphic area and i ncome taxes associated with the ara.
  11. 25. The apparatus of claim 20, in whi) ihe inst ructions, when executed by lhto a. least one processor, further direct the at least one processor to: cause the display dev ice to di spyi y i nforation iIcati ng that a user has designated a geography area a a rea that should be desuina.ed by another het 2 T he apparatus ot iai L i which the respective geograpli o area corn pi ses ar least onwe hIuman papa hNtion center, and in which the geographic rogain comprises a phi raiy of human population centers incid ili g the at least one hunan po pu nation center,. 20 27. A method comprisin- receving by at least one processor a iirst plu aliy of bets from a computer i n com unication witwh the aI least one processor over a network, in which the first plurality of bers are defined at least in nar by a First time period and a weather-clated event, and in which each of the first pnurality of bis is further defined at least in part by: a respective amotIn t wagered. a respeCtive geographiC area within a geographic region, and a predicted occurrence oF the weatherelCiated event; displaying at a display device communicatively coupled to the at least orm processor data that represents [he first p I urality of bets: 31 pooli g a zvas t a portion oic th ioe ants Wagered for each oG the FItS plu iEiuty o f bets 1mo a nrst pln-aty of pools, the lrst pI ll ity of pools compTtiirg at least two pools Correpondnl g to at least two di feren geographic regions; determinng by the at least one processor an outome o1 a w eat her-relaItd event, in 5 wh Cih Ihe act oF dcteJmB) in infg the utcBome comprisns deterimi in iitg that tIhe weatIher-re0lated event OCCUrd ill It l(:a51 on sPedri C uDB OfthC p aTeas; deermining by the at least one processor a least on e winner based on the bois a)d the outcnne, the at least one winner having placed at least one wmiing bet defined at least in part by lhe at least one specific one of the geographic areas; 10 determ i ng by the at least One processor i1 Icast one payout fbr the at least one wnner: and paying the at least Ione payout hon at least one of rth fir-sI plu rarity of pools to the at lIaSt 031 wiTILr 24. Tho method of claim 27. in which the act of di splayi ng data that represents thc in-st plumIity of bets composes display i g the data in a graphical display representing 2n2
  12. 29. The method of claim 27, further comprising:- 20 receiving hy the at least one picessor data indicating a bet of the first plurality of receivin bW the at Jeast one processor data indicati Bg a residence; and verifying by the at east on processor [ at a resi d ance co rrespo nd s to the e graphic area sCpei-fId by t he indicated bet. 3. . the meliod of c a 12) 2 L7 I.tirle r CO.Tl ris i)g generating by the at least one processor an offer to purchase an additiona bet. 31 - 1he Tliethnd of cAim 30, in Wl hich generating art offer t o purchase a bet 0 comprtses:--- gQnwra i1g l i2c oifThcr bLand (m a b of 1 h K 'IA 1ccci V( dcI l P1 LI ~1.v i 0 o
  13. 32. Ani LlJppDt1.IS lstaWjltia]fl iv h ~ dsrioi At.. mo~fiod u b.tainti (11 y as, hwtiti dc~clcde-
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