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Method and apparatus for blowing of cut, moistened tobacco material.


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    • A24B3/00Preparing tobacco in the factory
    • A24B3/18Other treatment of leaves, e.g. puffing, crimpling, cleaning
    • A24B3/182Puffing
AT89121565T 1988-11-23 1989-11-21 Method and apparatus for blowing of cut, moistened tobacco material. AT85187T (en)

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DE3839529A DE3839529C1 (en) 1988-11-23 1988-11-23
EP89121565A EP0370489B1 (en) 1988-11-23 1989-11-21 Method and apparatus for puffing humidified cut tobacco

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AT85187T true AT85187T (en) 1993-02-15



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AT89121565T AT85187T (en) 1988-11-23 1989-11-21 Method and apparatus for blowing of cut, moistened tobacco material.

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