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Microprocessor-controlled apparatus Dental Lab.


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Kim Sorensen
Herluf Vejby Skovsgaard
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Den Flex As
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AT89901100T 1987-12-22 1988-12-21 Microprocessor-controlled apparatus Dental Lab. AT79237T (en)

Priority Applications (4)

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DK680187A DK157388C (en) 1987-12-22 1987-12-22 Microprocessor controlled tandlaegeapparat
DK270288A DK159714C (en) 1987-12-22 1988-05-17 Microprocessor-controlled tandlaegeapparat with a hierarchically ordered system of the operating and adjustment menus
EP19890901100 EP0391967B1 (en) 1987-12-22 1988-12-21 A microprocessor-controlled dental apparatus
PCT/DK1988/000215 WO1989005613A1 (en) 1987-12-22 1988-12-21 A microprocessor-controlled dental apparatus

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AT79237T true AT79237T (en) 1992-08-15



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AT89901100T AT79237T (en) 1987-12-22 1988-12-21 Microprocessor-controlled apparatus Dental Lab.

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AT (1) AT79237T (en)

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