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Device for suction and absorption of sludge.


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    • E03F7/00Other installations or implements for operating sewer systems, e.g. for preventing or indicating stoppage; Emptying cesspools
    • E03F7/10Wheeled apparatus for emptying sewers or cesspools
AT81107006T 1980-09-10 1981-09-07 Device for suction and absorption of sludge. AT7161T (en)

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DE3034058A DE3034058C2 (en) 1980-09-10 1980-09-10
EP81107006A EP0047519B1 (en) 1980-09-10 1981-09-07 Sludge suction and receiving device

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AT7161T true AT7161T (en) 1984-05-15



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AT81107006T AT7161T (en) 1980-09-10 1981-09-07 Device for suction and absorption of sludge.

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US (1) US4377475A (en)
EP (1) EP0047519B1 (en)
AT (1) AT7161T (en)
DE (2) DE3034058C2 (en)

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DE3034058A1 (en) 1982-06-03
DE3163215D1 (en) 1984-05-24
EP0047519A1 (en) 1982-03-17
EP0047519B1 (en) 1984-04-18
DE3034058C2 (en) 1986-09-18
US4377475A (en) 1983-03-22

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