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Karunanidhi Upparapalli
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Mitac Int Corp
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    • G08G1/00Traffic control systems for road vehicles
    • G08G1/09Arrangements for giving variable traffic instructions
    • G08G1/0962Arrangements for giving variable traffic instructions having an indicator mounted inside the vehicle, e.g. giving voice messages
    • G08G1/0968Systems involving transmission of navigation instructions to the vehicle
    • G08G1/096805Systems involving transmission of navigation instructions to the vehicle where the transmitted instructions are used to compute a route
    • G08G1/096811Systems involving transmission of navigation instructions to the vehicle where the transmitted instructions are used to compute a route where the route is computed offboard
    • G01C21/00Navigation; Navigational instruments not provided for in preceding groups
    • G01C21/26Navigation; Navigational instruments not provided for in preceding groups specially adapted for navigation in a road network
    • G01C21/34Route searching; Route guidance
    • G01C21/3453Special cost functions, i.e. other than distance or default speed limit of road segments
    • G01C21/3461Preferred or disfavoured areas, e.g. dangerous zones, toll or emission zones, intersections, manoeuvre types, segments such as motorways, toll roads, ferries
AT99955531T 1998-06-11 1999-06-04 navigation system AT557261T (en)

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US09/096,103 US6362751B1 (en) 1998-06-11 1998-06-11 Navigation system with a route exclusion list system
PCT/US1999/012575 WO1999064823A1 (en) 1998-06-11 1999-06-04 Navigation system

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AT557261T true AT557261T (en) 2012-05-15



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AT99955531T AT557261T (en) 1998-06-11 1999-06-04 navigation system

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