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Thermal transfer print.


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    • B41M5/00Duplicating or marking methods; Sheet materials for use therein
    • B41M5/26Thermography ; Marking by high energetic means, e.g. laser otherwise than by burning, and characterised by the material used
    • B41M5/382Contact thermal transfer or sublimation processes
    • B41M5/385Contact thermal transfer or sublimation processes characterised by the transferable dyes or pigments
    • B41M5/388Azo dyes
AT87303831T 1986-05-27 1987-04-29 Thermal transfer print. AT55330T (en)

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GB868612778A GB8612778D0 (en) 1986-05-27 1986-05-27 Thermal transfer printing
EP87303831A EP0247737B1 (en) 1986-05-27 1987-04-29 Thermal transfer printing

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AT55330T true AT55330T (en) 1990-08-15



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AT87303831T AT55330T (en) 1986-05-27 1987-04-29 Thermal transfer print.

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