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    • B62D25/00Superstructure or monocoque structure sub-units; Parts or details thereof not otherwise provided for
    • B62D25/20Floors or bottom sub-units
    • B62D25/209Arrangements for the mounting of vehicle hitches
    • B60D1/00Traction couplings; Hitches; Draw-gear; Towing devices
    • B60D1/48Traction couplings; Hitches; Draw-gear; Towing devices characterised by the mounting
    • B60D1/56Traction couplings; Hitches; Draw-gear; Towing devices characterised by the mounting securing to the vehicle bumper
    • B60D1/565Traction couplings; Hitches; Draw-gear; Towing devices characterised by the mounting securing to the vehicle bumper having an eyelet
    • B60R19/00Wheel guards; Radiator guards, e.g. grilles; Obstruction removers; Fittings damping bouncing force in collisions
    • B60R19/02Bumpers, i.e. impact receiving or absorbing members for protecting vehicles or fending off blows from other vehicles or objects
    • B60R19/24Arrangements for mounting bumpers on vehicles
AT06405167T 2005-05-13 2006-04-18 Bumper system AT551234T (en)

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CH8522005 2005-05-13

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AT551234T true AT551234T (en) 2012-04-15



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AT06405167T AT551234T (en) 2005-05-13 2006-04-18 Bumper system

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