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Device and method for transfering patterns with intermediate stamp


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AT549294T AT05111920T AT05111920T AT549294T AT 549294 T AT549294 T AT 549294T AT 05111920 T AT05111920 T AT 05111920T AT 05111920 T AT05111920 T AT 05111920T AT 549294 T AT549294 T AT 549294T
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    • B44B5/00Machines or apparatus for embossing decorations or marks, e.g. embossing coins
    • B44B5/009Machines or apparatus for embossing decorations or marks, e.g. embossing coins by multi-step processes
AT05111920T 2005-12-09 2005-12-09 Device and method for transfering patterns with intermediate stamp AT549294T (en)

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EP05111920A EP1795497B1 (en) 2005-12-09 2005-12-09 Apparatus and method for transferring a pattern with intermediate stamp

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AT549294T true AT549294T (en) 2012-03-15



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AT05111920T AT549294T (en) 2005-12-09 2005-12-09 Device and method for transfering patterns with intermediate stamp

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