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Electrical connector


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Joseph Koch
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Konnektech Ltd
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Application filed by Konnektech Ltd filed Critical Konnektech Ltd
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    • H01R13/00Details of coupling devices of the kinds covered by groups H01R12/70 or H01R24/00 - H01R33/00
    • H01R13/02Contact members
    • H01R13/15Pins, blades or sockets having separate spring member for producing or increasing contact pressure
    • H01R13/187Pins, blades or sockets having separate spring member for producing or increasing contact pressure with spring member in the socket
    • H01R13/00Details of coupling devices of the kinds covered by groups H01R12/70 or H01R24/00 - H01R33/00
    • H01R13/02Contact members
    • H01R13/10Sockets for co-operation with pins or blades
    • H01R13/11Resilient sockets
    • H01R13/111Resilient sockets co-operating with pins having a circular transverse section
AT03788483T 2002-08-14 2003-08-14 Electrical connector AT546860T (en)

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US10/218,760 US6752668B2 (en) 2002-08-14 2002-08-14 Electrical connector
PCT/US2003/025482 WO2004017465A2 (en) 2002-08-14 2003-08-14 Electrical connector

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AT546860T true AT546860T (en) 2012-03-15



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AT03788483T AT546860T (en) 2002-08-14 2003-08-14 Electrical connector

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