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Management of distributed access to a commonly used medium


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    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/70Admission control or resource allocation
    • H04L47/82Miscellaneous aspects
    • H04L47/826Involving periods of time
    • H04L12/00Data switching networks
    • H04L12/28Data switching networks characterised by path configuration, e.g. local area networks [LAN], wide area networks [WAN]
    • H04L12/40Bus networks
    • H04L12/407Bus networks with decentralised control
    • H04L12/413Bus networks with decentralised control with random access, e.g. carrier-sense multiple-access with collision detection (CSMA-CD)
    • H04L1/00Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received
    • H04L1/0001Systems modifying transmission characteristics according to link quality, e.g. power backoff
    • H04L1/0009Systems modifying transmission characteristics according to link quality, e.g. power backoff by adapting the channel coding
    • H04L1/00Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received
    • H04L1/12Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received by using return channel
    • H04L1/16Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received by using return channel in which the return channel carries supervisory signals, e.g. repetition request signals
    • H04L1/1607Details of the supervisory signal
    • H04L1/1671Details of the supervisory signal the supervisory signal being transmitted together with control information
    • H04L1/00Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received
    • H04L1/12Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received by using return channel
    • H04L1/16Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received by using return channel in which the return channel carries supervisory signals, e.g. repetition request signals
    • H04L1/18Automatic repetition systems, e.g. van Duuren system ; ARQ protocols
    • H04L1/1867Arrangements specific to the transmitter end
    • H04L1/1887Scheduling and prioritising arrangements
    • H04L1/00Arrangements for detecting or preventing errors in the information received
    • H04L2001/0092Error control systems characterised by the topology of the transmission link
    • H04L2001/0094Bus
AT08755225T 2007-05-10 2008-05-09 Management of distributed access to a commonly used medium AT545241T (en)

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US91723207P true 2007-05-10 2007-05-10
PCT/US2008/063226 WO2008141165A1 (en) 2007-05-10 2008-05-09 Managing distributed access to a shared medium

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AT08755225T AT545241T (en) 2007-05-10 2008-05-09 Management of distributed access to a commonly used medium

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