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Progressive power generator


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AT544233T AT09156926T AT09156926T AT544233T AT 544233 T AT544233 T AT 544233T AT 09156926 T AT09156926 T AT 09156926T AT 09156926 T AT09156926 T AT 09156926T AT 544233 T AT544233 T AT 544233T
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Raymond Pengelly
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Cree Inc
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    • H03F3/00Amplifiers with only discharge tubes or only semiconductor devices as amplifying elements
    • H03F3/60Amplifiers in which coupling networks have distributed constants, e.g. with waveguide resonators
    • H03F3/602Combinations of several amplifiers
    • H03F3/604Combinations of several amplifiers using FET's
    • H03F2200/00Indexing scheme relating to amplifiers
    • H03F2200/192A hybrid coupler being used at the input of an amplifier circuit
    • H03F2200/00Indexing scheme relating to amplifiers
    • H03F2200/204A hybrid coupler being used at the output of an amplifier circuit
AT09156926T 2008-05-09 2009-03-31 Progressive power generator AT544233T (en)

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US12/118,202 US7936212B2 (en) 2008-05-09 2008-05-09 Progressive power generating amplifiers

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AT544233T true AT544233T (en) 2012-02-15



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AT09156926T AT544233T (en) 2008-05-09 2009-03-31 Progressive power generator

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