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Holding device for a cable or an arrangement for use with a cable


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    • H02G3/00Installations of electric cables or lines in or on buildings, equivalent structures or vehicles
    • H02G3/30Installations of cables or lines on walls, floors or ceilings
    • G02OPTICS
    • G02B6/00Light guides
    • G02B6/44Mechanical structures for providing tensile strength and external protection for fibres, e.g. optical transmission cables
    • G02B6/4401Optical cables
    • G02B6/4439Auxiliary devices
    • G02B6/4471Auxiliary devices terminating, fan-out, clamping, strain-relieving or like devices
    • G02OPTICS
    • G02B6/00Light guides
    • G02B6/44Mechanical structures for providing tensile strength and external protection for fibres, e.g. optical transmission cables
    • G02B6/4401Optical cables
    • G02OPTICS
    • G02B6/00Light guides
    • G02B6/44Mechanical structures for providing tensile strength and external protection for fibres, e.g. optical transmission cables
    • G02B6/4401Optical cables
    • G02B6/4439Auxiliary devices
    • G02B6/444Systems and boxes with surplus length
    • G02B6/4452Distribution frames
AT09002547T 2009-02-24 2009-02-24 Holding device for a cable or an arrangement for use with a cable AT534049T (en)

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EP20090002547 EP2221932B1 (en) 2009-02-24 2009-02-24 Holding device for a cable or an assembly for use with a cable

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AT534049T true AT534049T (en) 2011-12-15



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AT09002547T AT534049T (en) 2009-02-24 2009-02-24 Holding device for a cable or an arrangement for use with a cable

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