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Tear-open blister pack


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    • B65D75/00Packages comprising articles or materials partially or wholly enclosed in strips, sheets, blanks, tubes, or webs of flexible sheet material, e.g. in folded wrappers
    • B65D75/28Articles or materials wholly enclosed in composite wrappers, i.e. wrappers formed by associating or interconnecting two or more sheets or blanks
    • B65D75/30Articles or materials enclosed between two opposed sheets or blanks having their margins united, e.g. by pressure-sensitive adhesive, crimping, heat-sealing, or welding
    • B65D75/32Articles or materials enclosed between two opposed sheets or blanks having their margins united, e.g. by pressure-sensitive adhesive, crimping, heat-sealing, or welding one or both sheets or blanks being recessed to accommodate contents
AT07794532T 2006-09-26 2007-05-03 Tear-open blister pack AT529349T (en)

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US84726306P true 2006-09-26 2006-09-26
PCT/US2007/010784 WO2008039248A1 (en) 2006-09-26 2007-05-03 Rupturable blister package

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AT529349T true AT529349T (en) 2011-11-15



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AT07794532T AT529349T (en) 2006-09-26 2007-05-03 Tear-open blister pack

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