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Tracked robots with chain and movable arm


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    • B62D55/00Endless track vehicles
    • B62D55/06Endless track vehicles with tracks without ground wheels
    • B62D55/065Multi-track vehicles, i.e. more than two tracks
    • B62D55/0655Articulated endless track vehicles
    • B62D55/00Endless track vehicles
    • B62D55/06Endless track vehicles with tracks without ground wheels
    • B62D55/075Tracked vehicles for ascending or descending stairs, steep slopes or vertical surfaces
    • B62D57/00Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track
    • B62D57/02Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track with ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. walking members
    • B62D57/024Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track with ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. walking members specially adapted for moving on inclined or vertical surfaces
    • B62D57/00Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track
    • B62D57/02Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track with ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. walking members
    • B62D57/028Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground- engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track with ground-engaging propulsion means, e.g. walking members having wheels and mechanical legs
AT07870880T 2006-11-13 2007-11-13 Tracked robots with chain and movable arm AT522431T (en)

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US85891506P true 2006-11-13 2006-11-13
PCT/US2007/023870 WO2008076193A2 (en) 2006-11-13 2007-11-13 Tracked robotic crawler having a moveable arm

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AT522431T true AT522431T (en) 2011-09-15



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AT07870880T AT522431T (en) 2006-11-13 2007-11-13 Tracked robots with chain and movable arm

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