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Improvements in ölbohrlochperforatoren and this concerning


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    • F42B1/00Explosive charges characterised by form or shape but not dependent on shape of container
    • F42B1/02Shaped or hollow charges
    • F42B1/032Shaped or hollow charges characterised by the material of the liner
AT04768790T 2003-10-10 2004-10-08 Improvements in ölbohrlochperforatoren and this concerning AT514834T (en)

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GB0323717A GB0323717D0 (en) 2003-10-10 2003-10-10 Improvements in and relating to oil well perforators
PCT/GB2004/004256 WO2005035939A1 (en) 2003-10-10 2004-10-08 Improvements in and relating to oil well perforators

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AT514834T true AT514834T (en) 2011-07-15



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AT04768790T AT514834T (en) 2003-10-10 2004-10-08 Improvements in ölbohrlochperforatoren and this concerning

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