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    • C07H17/00Compounds containing heterocyclic radicals directly attached to hetero atoms of saccharide radicals
    • C07H17/04Heterocyclic radicals containing only oxygen as ring hetero atoms
    • C07H17/08Hetero rings containing eight or more ring members, e.g. erythromycins
AT06821966T 2005-10-14 2006-10-13 new dihydropseudoerythromycinderivate AT513842T (en)

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JP2005301070 2005-10-14
PCT/JP2006/320888 WO2007043710A1 (en) 2005-10-14 2006-10-13 Novel dihydropseudoerythromycin derivatives

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AT513842T true AT513842T (en) 2011-07-15



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AT06821966T AT513842T (en) 2005-10-14 2006-10-13 new dihydropseudoerythromycinderivate

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