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Method for transmitting a call generated in a digital mobile network to a fixed network connection


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Joerg Adami
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AT07012436T 2006-07-31 2007-06-26 Method for transmitting a call generated in a digital mobile network to a fixed network connection AT506819T (en)

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DE200610035940 DE102006035940B3 (en) 2006-07-31 2006-07-31 Method for forwarding call generated in digital mobile radio network to fixed network connection, involves forwarding incoming call from mobile radio network to pre-definable furnished virtual port

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AT506819T true AT506819T (en) 2011-05-15



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AT07012436T AT506819T (en) 2006-07-31 2007-06-26 Method for transmitting a call generated in a digital mobile network to a fixed network connection

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