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High frequency identification method and system for distributing products


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    • G06Q10/00Administration; Management
    • G06Q10/08Logistics, e.g. warehousing, loading, distribution or shipping; Inventory or stock management, e.g. order filling, procurement or balancing against orders
    • G06Q10/087Inventory or stock management, e.g. order filling, procurement, balancing against orders
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    • G07F9/00Details other than those peculiar to special kinds or types of apparatus
    • G07F9/02Devices for alarm or indication, e.g. when empty; Advertising arrangements in coin-freed apparatus
    • G07F9/026Devices for alarm or indication, e.g. when empty; Advertising arrangements in coin-freed apparatus for alarm, monitoring and auditing in vending machines or means for indication, e.g. when empty
    • G07G1/00Cash registers
    • G07G1/0036Checkout procedures
    • G07G1/0045Checkout procedures with a code reader for reading of an identifying code of the article to be registered, e.g. barcode reader or radio-frequency identity [RFID] reader
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    • F25D2500/06Stock management
    • F25D2700/00Means for sensing or measuring; Sensors therefor
    • F25D2700/08Sensors using Radio Frequency Identification [RFID]
AT06023373T 2000-10-20 2001-10-16 High frequency identification method and system for distributing products AT504903T (en)

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AT06023373T AT504903T (en) 2000-10-20 2001-10-16 High frequency identification method and system for distributing products

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