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Subtilase enzymes of the I-S1 and I-S2 sub-groups having an additional amino acid residue in an active loop region


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    • C12N9/00Enzymes; Proenzymes; Compositions thereof; Processes for preparing, activating, inhibiting, separating or purifying enzymes
    • C12N9/14Hydrolases (3)
    • C12N9/48Hydrolases (3) acting on peptide bonds (3.4)
    • C12N9/50Proteinases, e.g. Endopeptidases (3.4.21-3.4.25)
    • C12N9/52Proteinases, e.g. Endopeptidases (3.4.21-3.4.25) derived from bacteria or Archaea
    • C12N9/54Proteinases, e.g. Endopeptidases (3.4.21-3.4.25) derived from bacteria or Archaea bacteria being Bacillus
    • C11D3/00Other compounding ingredients of detergent compositions covered in group C11D1/00
    • C11D3/16Organic compounds
    • C11D3/38Products with no well-defined composition, e.g. natural products
    • C11D3/386Preparations containing enzymes, e.g. protease, amylase
AT07102966T 1998-12-18 1999-12-20 Subtilase enzymes of the I-S1 and I-S2 sub-groups having an additional amino acid residue in an active loop region AT504651T (en)

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DKBA199801674 1998-12-18

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AT504651T true AT504651T (en) 2011-04-15



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AT07102966T AT504651T (en) 1998-12-18 1999-12-20 Subtilase enzymes of the I-S1 and I-S2 sub-groups having an additional amino acid residue in an active loop region

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