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Sensor network monitoring system


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Arun Ayyagari
Kevin Y Ung
Richard N Blair
Michael S Foster
David E Corman
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Boeing Co
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    • H04L67/00Network-specific arrangements or communication protocols supporting networked applications
    • H04L67/12Network-specific arrangements or communication protocols supporting networked applications adapted for proprietary or special purpose networking environments, e.g. medical networks, sensor networks, networks in a car or remote metering networks
    • H04W40/00Communication routing or communication path finding
    • H04W40/24Connectivity information management, e.g. connectivity discovery or connectivity update
    • H04W40/30Connectivity information management, e.g. connectivity discovery or connectivity update for proactive routing
    • H04L2209/00Additional information or applications relating to cryptographic mechanisms or cryptographic arrangements for secret or secure communication H04L9/00
    • H04L2209/80Wireless
    • H04L2209/805Lightweight hardware, e.g. radio-frequency identification [RFID] or sensor
    • H04L63/00Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security
    • H04L63/08Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security for supporting authentication of entities communicating through a packet data network
    • H04W84/00Network topologies
    • H04W84/18Self-organising networks, e.g. ad-hoc networks or sensor networks
AT08018658T 2005-12-22 2006-11-07 Sensor network monitoring system AT501585T (en)

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US11/317,634 US20070150565A1 (en) 2005-12-22 2005-12-22 Surveillance network system

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AT501585T true AT501585T (en) 2011-03-15



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AT08018658T AT501585T (en) 2005-12-22 2006-11-07 Sensor network monitoring system

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