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Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and manufacturing method


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AT03817911T 2003-08-08 2003-08-13 Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and manufacturing method AT499609T (en)

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CNB031532152A CN1312479C (en) 2003-08-08 2003-08-08 Nano fluorescent magnetic particle and its preparing method
PCT/CN2003/000666 WO2005015213A1 (en) 2003-08-08 2003-08-13 Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and process of preparation

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AT499609T true AT499609T (en) 2011-03-15



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AT03817911T AT499609T (en) 2003-08-08 2003-08-13 Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and manufacturing method

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