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John Mcfarland
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Iscar Ltd
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    • G07F11/00Coin-freed apparatus for dispensing, or the like, discrete articles
    • G07F11/62Coin-freed apparatus for dispensing, or the like, discrete articles in which the articles are stored in compartments in fixed receptacles
    • G07F17/00Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
    • G07F17/0092Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services for assembling and dispensing of pharmaceutical articles
AT06780449T 2005-09-08 2006-08-31 delivery system AT493963T (en)

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IL17075505A IL170755A (en) 2005-09-08 2005-09-08 Dispensing system for tools
PCT/IL2006/001013 WO2007029236A2 (en) 2005-09-08 2006-08-31 Dispensing system

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AT493963T true AT493963T (en) 2011-01-15



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AT06780449T AT493963T (en) 2005-09-08 2006-08-31 delivery system

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