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Longines Montres Comp D
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    • H04N5/00Details of television systems
    • H04N5/30Transforming light or analogous information into electric information
    • H04N5/335Transforming light or analogous information into electric information using solid-state image sensors [SSIS]
    • H04N5/369SSIS architecture; Circuitry associated therewith
    • H04N5/372Charge-coupled device [CCD] sensors; Time delay and integration [TDI] registers or shift registers specially adapted for SSIS
    • H04N5/37206TDI registers or shift registers specially adapted for SSIS
    • G04F13/00Apparatus for measuring unknown time intervals by means not provided for in groups G04F5/00 - G04F10/00
    • G04F13/02Apparatus for measuring unknown time intervals by means not provided for in groups G04F5/00 - G04F10/00 using optical means
    • G07C1/00Registering, indicating or recording the time of events or elapsed time, e.g. time-recorders for work people
    • G07C1/22Registering, indicating or recording the time of events or elapsed time, e.g. time-recorders for work people in connection with sports or games
AT86114948T 1985-11-04 1986-10-28 Rennsportzeitmessgeraet. AT49312T (en)

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FR8516423A FR2589604B1 (en) 1985-11-04 1985-11-04 Apparatus for timekeeping sports races
EP86114948A EP0223119B1 (en) 1985-11-04 1986-10-28 Track running timing device

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AT49312T true AT49312T (en) 1990-01-15



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AT86114948T AT49312T (en) 1985-11-04 1986-10-28 Rennsportzeitmessgeraet.

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