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Device for connecting style screws


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    • A61B17/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods, e.g. tourniquets
    • A61B17/56Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints; Devices specially adapted therefor
    • A61B17/58Surgical instruments or methods for treatment of bones or joints; Devices specially adapted therefor for osteosynthesis, e.g. bone plates, screws, setting implements or the like
    • A61B17/68Internal fixation devices, including fasteners and spinal fixators, even if a part thereof projects from the skin
    • A61B17/70Spinal positioners or stabilisers ; Bone stabilisers comprising fluid filler in an implant
    • A61B17/7001Screws or hooks combined with longitudinal elements which do not contact vertebrae
    • A61B17/7035Screws or hooks, wherein a rod-clamping part and a bone-anchoring part can pivot relative to each other
    • A61B17/7038Screws or hooks, wherein a rod-clamping part and a bone-anchoring part can pivot relative to each other to a different extent in different directions, e.g. within one plane only
AT03733832T 2002-02-20 2003-02-20 Device for connecting style screws AT476930T (en)

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US35924602P true 2002-02-20 2002-02-20
PCT/US2003/005086 WO2003073908A2 (en) 2002-02-20 2003-02-20 Pedicle screw connector apparatus and method

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AT476930T true AT476930T (en) 2010-08-15



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AT03733832T AT476930T (en) 2002-02-20 2003-02-20 Device for connecting style screws

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