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Provision of position information


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Nokia Corp
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    • H04L12/00Data switching networks
    • H04L12/28Data switching networks characterised by path configuration, e.g. local area networks [LAN], wide area networks [WAN]
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AT04801236T 2004-01-13 2004-12-03 Provision of position information AT472872T (en)

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FI20040037A FI20040037A0 (en) 2004-01-13 2004-01-13 Providing position information
PCT/FI2004/000739 WO2005069670A1 (en) 2004-01-13 2004-12-03 Providing location information

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AT472872T true AT472872T (en) 2010-07-15



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AT04801236T AT472872T (en) 2004-01-13 2004-12-03 Provision of position information

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WO (1) WO2005069670A1 (en)

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