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Target object for the retroreflection of optical radiation


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Leica Geosystems Ag
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    • G02OPTICS
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    • G01C15/02Means for marking measuring points
    • G01C15/06Surveyors' staffs; Movable markers
AT07818488T 2006-10-06 2007-09-27 Target object for the retroreflection of optical radiation AT465428T (en)

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CH15912006 2006-10-06
PCT/EP2007/008405 WO2008043436A1 (en) 2006-10-06 2007-09-27 Target object used for retroflexion of optical radiation

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AT465428T true AT465428T (en) 2010-05-15



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AT07818488T AT465428T (en) 2006-10-06 2007-09-27 Target object for the retroreflection of optical radiation

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