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Crashbox and motor vehicle bumper assembly


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Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh
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    • B60R19/00Wheel guards; Radiator guards, e.g. grilles; Obstruction removers; Fittings damping bouncing force in collisions
    • B60R19/02Bumpers, i.e. impact receiving or absorbing members for protecting vehicles or fending off blows from other vehicles or objects
    • B60R19/24Arrangements for mounting bumpers on vehicles
    • B60R19/26Arrangements for mounting bumpers on vehicles comprising yieldable mounting means
    • B60R19/34Arrangements for mounting bumpers on vehicles comprising yieldable mounting means destroyed upon impact, e.g. one-shot type
AT08004251T 2007-03-12 2008-03-07 Crashbox and motor vehicle bumper assembly AT465054T (en)

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DE102007012137A DE102007012137A1 (en) 2007-03-12 2007-03-12 Crashbox and automobile bumper assembly

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AT465054T true AT465054T (en) 2010-05-15



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AT08004251T AT465054T (en) 2007-03-12 2008-03-07 Crashbox and motor vehicle bumper assembly

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