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AT464763T AT06127054T AT06127054T AT464763T AT 464763 T AT464763 T AT 464763T AT 06127054 T AT06127054 T AT 06127054T AT 06127054 T AT06127054 T AT 06127054T AT 464763 T AT464763 T AT 464763T
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    • H04W24/00Supervisory, monitoring or testing arrangements
    • H04W24/06Testing, supervising or monitoring using simulated traffic
    • H04M1/00Substation equipment, e.g. for use by subscribers; Analogous equipment at exchanges
    • H04M1/24Arrangements for testing
AT06127054T 2006-12-22 2006-12-22 Test device AT464763T (en)

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EP20060127054 EP1937010B1 (en) 2006-12-22 2006-12-22 Test apparatus

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AT464763T true AT464763T (en) 2010-04-15



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AT06127054T AT464763T (en) 2006-12-22 2006-12-22 Test device

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WO (1) WO2008077961A1 (en)

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