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Method and system for distributing multimedia contents through a wireless communication network, in particular a mobile telephone network


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Davide Sorbara
Enrico Zucca
Mario Madella
Giuseppe Catalano
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    • H04L12/00Data switching networks
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    • H04L12/16Arrangements for providing special services to substations
    • H04L12/18Arrangements for providing special services to substations for broadcast or conference, e.g. multicast
    • H04L12/189Arrangements for providing special services to substations for broadcast or conference, e.g. multicast in combination with wireless systems
    • H04W76/00Connection management
    • H04W76/10Connection setup
    • H04W76/11Allocation or use of connection identifiers
    • H04W72/00Local resource management, e.g. wireless traffic scheduling or selection or allocation of wireless resources
    • H04W72/005Resource management for broadcast services
AT04727296T 2004-04-14 2004-04-14 Method and system for distributing multimedia contents through a wireless communication network, in particular a mobile telephone network AT460031T (en)

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PCT/EP2004/050517 WO2005101752A1 (en) 2004-04-14 2004-04-14 Method and system for distributing multimedia contents through a wireless communications network, particularly a mobile telephony network

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AT460031T true AT460031T (en) 2010-03-15



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AT04727296T AT460031T (en) 2004-04-14 2004-04-14 Method and system for distributing multimedia contents through a wireless communication network, in particular a mobile telephone network

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