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Water diverter and shower-head


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    • B05B1/00Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means
    • B05B1/14Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means with multiple outlet openings; with strainers in or outside the outlet opening
    • B05B1/18Roses; Shower heads
    • B05B1/185Roses; Shower heads characterised by their outlet element; Mounting arrangements therefor
AT03706970T 2002-02-22 2003-02-19 Water diverter and shower-head AT455597T (en)

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JP2002093253 2002-02-22
JP2002099369 2002-02-26
PCT/JP2003/001807 WO2003070380A1 (en) 2002-02-22 2003-02-19 Water spray plate, and shower head

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AT455597T true AT455597T (en) 2010-02-15



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AT03706970T AT455597T (en) 2002-02-22 2003-02-19 Water diverter and shower-head

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