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Mechanism for outputing presence information within a presence service and user interface to configure it


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Bruno R Preiss
Allan Lewis
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Research In Motion Ltd
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    • H04L67/00Network-specific arrangements or communication protocols supporting networked applications
    • H04L67/24Presence management
AT07118909T 2007-10-19 2007-10-19 Mechanism for outputing presence information within a presence service and user interface to configure it AT452504T (en)

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EP20070118909 EP2051480B1 (en) 2007-10-19 2007-10-19 Mechanism for publishing presence information within a presence service and user interface for configuring same

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AT452504T true AT452504T (en) 2010-01-15



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AT07118909T AT452504T (en) 2007-10-19 2007-10-19 Mechanism for outputing presence information within a presence service and user interface to configure it

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