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Microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology


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    • A61F9/00Methods or devices for treatment of the eyes; Devices for putting-in contact lenses; Devices to correct squinting; Apparatus to guide the blind; Protective devices for the eyes, carried on the body or in the hand
    • A61F9/007Methods or devices for eye surgery
    • A61F9/00781Apparatus for modifying intraocular pressure, e.g. for glaucoma treatment
AT04750224T 2003-04-16 2004-04-16 Microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology AT439107T (en)

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US46354903P true 2003-04-16 2003-04-16
PCT/US2004/011783 WO2004093761A1 (en) 2003-04-16 2004-04-16 Opthalmic microsurgical instruments

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AT439107T true AT439107T (en) 2009-08-15



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AT04750224T AT439107T (en) 2003-04-16 2004-04-16 Microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology

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