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Secure connection of data networks


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    • H04L63/00Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security
    • H04L63/08Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security for supporting authentication of entities communicating through a packet data network
    • H04L63/0823Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security for supporting authentication of entities communicating through a packet data network using certificates
    • H04L63/00Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security
    • H04L63/10Network architectures or network communication protocols for network security for controlling access to network resources
AT05103906T 2004-05-27 2005-05-11 Secure connection of data networks AT437515T (en)

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US10/856,259 US7506369B2 (en) 2004-05-27 2004-05-27 Secure federation of data communications networks

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AT437515T true AT437515T (en) 2009-08-15



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AT05103906T AT437515T (en) 2004-05-27 2005-05-11 Secure connection of data networks

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