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Configurable control of standby / occupied


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AT437440T AT05752293T AT05752293T AT437440T AT 437440 T AT437440 T AT 437440T AT 05752293 T AT05752293 T AT 05752293T AT 05752293 T AT05752293 T AT 05752293T AT 437440 T AT437440 T AT 437440T
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Peter John Smith
Sergey Anatolievich Gorobets
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Sandisk Corp
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    • G11C16/00Erasable programmable read-only memories
    • G11C16/02Erasable programmable read-only memories electrically programmable
    • G11C16/06Auxiliary circuits, e.g. for writing into memory
    • G11C16/10Programming or data input circuits
AT05752293T 2004-05-27 2005-05-20 Configurable control of standby / occupied AT437440T (en)

Priority Applications (2)

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US10/857,532 US8429313B2 (en) 2004-05-27 2004-05-27 Configurable ready/busy control
PCT/US2005/017770 WO2005119693A2 (en) 2004-05-27 2005-05-20 Configurable ready/busy control

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AT437440T true AT437440T (en) 2009-08-15



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AT05752293T AT437440T (en) 2004-05-27 2005-05-20 Configurable control of standby / occupied

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