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Method for organizing, querying and navigating a database


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    • G06F16/20Information retrieval; Database structures therefor; File system structures therefor of structured data, e.g. relational data
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AT01998908T 2000-11-30 2001-11-28 Method for organizing, querying and navigating a database AT436055T (en)

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GB0029238A GB2369695B (en) 2000-11-30 2000-11-30 Database
PCT/GB2001/005242 WO2002044940A2 (en) 2000-11-30 2001-11-28 Method of organising, interrogating and navigating a database

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AT436055T true AT436055T (en) 2009-07-15



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AT01998908T AT436055T (en) 2000-11-30 2001-11-28 Method for organizing, querying and navigating a database

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