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In-band synchronization messages for a distributed packet switched with shared memory


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Hoof Werner Van
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    • H04L49/00Packet switching elements
    • H04L49/10Switching fabric construction
    • H04L49/103Switching fabric construction using shared central buffer, shared memory, e.g. time switching
    • H04L49/00Packet switching elements
    • H04L49/30Peripheral units, e.g. input or output ports
    • H04L49/3018Input queuing
AT02748088T 2001-07-17 2002-07-01 In-band synchronization messages for a distributed packet switched with shared memory AT433239T (en)

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US30619701P true 2001-07-17 2001-07-17
PCT/US2002/021405 WO2003009543A2 (en) 2001-07-17 2002-07-01 In-band message synchronization for distributed shared memory packet switch

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AT433239T true AT433239T (en) 2009-06-15



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AT02748088T AT433239T (en) 2001-07-17 2002-07-01 In-band synchronization messages for a distributed packet switched with shared memory

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